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Hi, I’m Katriel, the writer of the family. Since most of the time we’re talking about Johnny and not about ourselves, I thought you all might be interested in who we are!

My dad, Tim, is a Software Engineer. He went to the University of Illinois way back in the day when people still saw in black and white (just kidding, he’s really not that old). As his hair becomes grayer, he enjoys spending time with his family, eating cheeseburgers, and editing large amounts of YouTube videos.

My mom, Christy, is an HR professional. She has a chemistry and psychology degree from UNC, and makes incredible food. She enjoys reading, taking scalding hot baths, and searching pinterest for exciting new recipes to try.

As for myself, I’m currently at Purdue studying Cellular, Molecular, and Developmental Biology. “What are you gonna do with that?” you ask. I’m not totally sure yet. Maybe create plants that grow better and feed more people. Maybe try to stop the next Ebola outbreak. When I don’t have my face buried in a textbook, I enjoy playing piano, learning languages, and watching plants grow.

We love your comments and suggestions on our website and YouTube videos. Please feel free to leave us notes and we will get back to you as soon as we can!


  1. Why are these old posts of you all talking about yourself and each other showing up in my mail box like they were just recently posted?

    • I am re-arranging the site a bit. All are new except for the ‘meet us’ page which I back-dated to it’s original posting date. Sorry.

  2. I tried using your coupon code at my local tractor dealer. It was for a Kubota . It didn’t work. Oh shucks.

  3. Hi Tim and Crew! I’m just to the point of ordering and new 1025R with attachments to use at our church for mowing, gardening, snow removal, ect. Your videos have been SOOOO Helpful!!!! I am a UM pastor in Minnesota not far from Heavy Hitch and winters here are challenging. I want to encourage you and your family to continue the videos as they are very helpful. I also enjoy the Scripture!!! If you have any comments in helping me to get it right in buying the 1025R, I’m listening!

    • Thanks for the comment, Larry! I think our videos speak for themselves. Not many other comments to share! You will love it!

  4. Eric L. Niederriter

    I have a question that I need to send pictures along with. Could you email me so I can send them to you?
    Eric in PA

  5. Can you show the Bible verses longer, I’m a very slow reader.

    Always fine your family enjoyable to watch and the videos educational.

    I’ve got my JD 2025r May 2017 would love to fine a way to use it for a ministry


  6. Katriel,

    Very, very nice write-up. I have been watching tractor videos and reading articles for over 2 years now. You opened my eyes as to who can be a tractor owner. The fact that your father is a Software Engineer rang the bell for me. I have been in the IT industry for over 40 years, that is what I do professionally, and my wife is a VP for a Title Insurance company. Your mom talked about growing up on a farm and so I assumed she continued that path, surprise! We own over 8 suburban acres(not easy to obtain where I live). I would like to share my experiences with the three of you. I started out John Deere and have gone to Massey Ferguson (now have 2) and still one small John Deere, but your videos on technique apply to any color tractor. Any chance I can have an email? I can’t seem to find an email on the website.


  7. Hey everyone, I may have been misunderstood for the point I was trying to make in my post. I am impressed with the fact that Tim, Christy, and, soon, Katriel are all non-farming or construction professionals. It mirrors my family situation. Every job I start with each of my tractors is approached with my feeling overwhelmed and under-prepared, unskilled, and unworthy. Tim’s videos…all the videos on the Internet really help me learn and get work done…safely. I am in awe of the folks who work hydraulics for a living or raise our food. They have skills and talents I only dream of having in a small way. I am intimate with computer technology, but not completely sure of myself when it comes to YouTube etiquette. I was looking for someone to exchange emails to trade questions AND answers. I will pursue the Massey Ferguson forums. Three rules I gave my children in driving apply to operating tractors as well. In order of priority, don’t hurt or kill anyone, don’t hurt or kill yourself, don’t wreck the equipment…Tim, Christy, Katriel, and all watchers…God Bless, stay safe. Keep the videos coming.

    • Hi Carl!
      I would highly recommend
      There are some really knowledgeable folks on that forum. It is moderated, so there will not be folks making sick and rude replies.
      This is painful for us, as we LOVE getting to know folks. However, with 30,000-50,000 views per day, we simply do not have time to carry on private conversations with viewers.
      Think about it, even 1% would is 300-500 personal emails per day.
      I often get calls while at the office from folks simply wanting to ‘chew the fat’ about their upcoming or recent tractor job, or tractor purchase.
      Hopefully you can understand and appreciate the volumes of communication we are dealing with.
      We read EVERY YouTube comment, and reply to most. We feel that is about as far as we can go.
      We also participate in, especially if someone directly mentions us.

      I hope that is helpful. Please forgive me for not having time for deep personal interaction!

    • About your ‘safety rules’ for your children. Are those actionable rules? Do they help the children operate the equipment more safely?
      Or would those ‘rules’ tend to make them more ‘skittish’ around the equipment which often can contribute to accidents?
      I would suggest using actionable rules. Something like ‘concentrate on what might happen before you move anything on the tractor.’ Evaluate the situation. If it seems like something bad could happen, evaluate further. It never hurts to take your time.

      I believe safety is achieved by anticipating and avoiding unexpected movements from the equipment and items being manipulated by the equipment.

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