2017/2018 John Deere 2025R First Look

Christy and I had the opportunity to get a detailed walk around of the new Deere 2025R at its Introduction today at the Farm Progress Show near Decatur IL.

If you are impatient, and want a quick summary, I would summarize it like this: “A 1025R with larger tires”.

In addition to more detailed discussion in this article, be sure to check out our video from release day here, where John Doyle, Product Marketing Manager for John Deere walks us all the way around the new 2025R, showing us detailed features from one end to the other.

As I stated above, the new 2025R is very similar to the 1025R. In fact, from my perspective it is more similar to a 1-series than its larger framed 2-series siblings. For the last several years, there has not been a smooth ‘upgrade path’ for 1-series owners. The 2-series was outdated, missing most of the creature comforts which we have come to expect out of the John Deere line. 1-series owners wishing to upgrade needed to either sacrifice on things like the auto-connect deck, tilt steering, upgraded seat, etc, or move all the way to the 3-series tractor. This made the upgrade decision difficult.

Deere began resolving this issue one year ago with the introduction of the large frame 2-series tractors. The new 2025R completes this effort, providing Deere engineered comfort and convenience features across all of the sub-compact and compact tractor models.

The video (above) will show a good overview of the 2025R. So, let’s use the rest of this article to show some of the similarities and differences to its larger and smaller siblings.

Things in common with the 1025R

  • Engine – Identical
  • Front End Loader
  • Backhoe
  • Mid Mount Mower Deck
  • Mid Mount Mower Deck Height Control
  • Seat
  • Hood
  • Front Quick Hitch
  • Steering Wheel/Tilt Mechanism
  • Front Axle (including rated capacity)
  • Differential Lock still needs Ken’s Differential Lock Pedal

Differences from the 1025R

  • (Much) Larger Tires – Will result in better ground clearance, and better ride
  • ROPS hinges differenty
  • Tiny Toolbox in front tractor frame.
  • Side Fender Lights Optional (standard on 1025R)
  • Mid Mount Mower appears to lift higher (WooHoo!)
  • PTO (Mid/Rear Select) & HST Range Shift Controls located more conveniently
  • PTO Engage button changed (clothespin will no longer disable RIO)
  • Greater Hydraulic Pump flow (7.0GPM vs. 6.3GPM) However, it appears that this improvement may be dedicated to steering, which would make sense given the larger tires
  • Slightly higher rated Hydraulic pump pressure. Should provide marginally greater lift capacity at FEL and 3 pt hitch
  • Wheelbase (63″ vs. 57″ for 1025R
  • Turning Radius (8.7 ft vs. 7.4 ft)
  • Weight (~350lb heavier)
  • Inline fuel filter no longer under the fender?

Differences from 2032R/2038R

Obviously it is physically smaller, and less horsepower, but there are a few items which might not be as obvious.

  • No Command-Cut Mower Height Control
  • Uses Front Quick Hitch Assembly rather than front 3 point hitch for front blade/blower/broom. (Much less expensive to add a front blade for snow removal)

Should a 1-series owner upgrade?

Of course, no single answer will apply to every situation. However, the upgrade process should be much easier now than before. You’ll gain ground clearance, perhaps a few inches of loader lift height due to larger tires, easier access to some controls, 300 additional pounds, along with opportunity to add even more weight via liquid tire ballast in the larger tires. The higher seating position will improve front end loader visibility. The larger tires should improve the ride. You might see a marginal improvement in hydraulic lift capacity.

You’ll lose some turning radius. Other than that, I can’t see any disadvantages to upgrading.

I think Deere has introduced a VERY interesting product here. One that addresses many of the short-comings of a sub-compact tractor while maintaining a relatively small footprint. This tractor fits very nicely in the overall Deere compact tractor line.

Here is the link to Deere’s 2025R Tractor Page

Would love to hear your thoughts below in the comments section.


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  4. Tim ; You need a 2038R With everything you do with you 1025 you would love the 2038. I just traded my 1025 . Talk to you CEO . Good Luck Buzz

  5. Tim I have a 1025 TLB and if I run it around the yard doing projects and I don’t put the travel pins in on my backhoe the hydrolics bleed down and the bucket will drag on the ground is this normal

  6. I think you should not settle for a small upgrade, if your gonna do it, go with the 3R series with a cab. Note: When purchasing, have the tires facing outward. The 3R with tires inward makes it top heavy.

    • Would definitely be nice to have more HP and lift capacity.
      We’ll see how things unfold.

      My dad has a 3-series with cab for a lawn mower. He loves it. It has Ag tires, set in close, so, yes, very tipsy.

      We would probably opt for open station given our video requirements. Much easier to interact with the camera in open station situation.

  7. Liked the review. I have the 1025R and it is a nice machine. The mid mount mower is the week spot in my opinion. Doesn’t lift high enough and is really limited in height settings. Most of us don’t have perfectly smooth manicured lawns.

    Plus the deck doesn’t float very well. probably because of the disconnect mechanism. My older 425 AWS with a 54 inch deck will mow circles around the 1025R 60D. Sounds like maybe the 2025R has some improvements in the deck? The bigger tires would also be nice.

  8. I have a 1025R which I am trading in on a new 2038R with the 72″ deck, radial turf tires and a 59″ snow blower. I do a lot of mowing during the season, with approximately 8-9 acres at home and 35-40 acres at my church (we have 134 acres). In the winter I take care of the county road (3/4 miles) and all my neighbors who have paved drives. Last June (2016) I installed a Curtis premium cab on the 1025R and it was great during our one snow storm this past winter(2017) when I spent 11 hours blowing snow trying to keep everything clean. Heater and the hot air from the engine kept me warm and in shirtsleeves. However in the summer, with the windshield open and booth door (quite heavy) and the rear panel off it was quite warm inside plus noisy (you have to wear hearing protection). My main concern with the cab is visibility. You can’t see the front wheels in relation to the mower and this leave me with less a full width of cut. Also,some of the grass that I cut at church lies in a very wet area so that it isn’t cut at least once a week or sooner, it grows rapidly and will almost stall the tractor. The 1025R just doesn’t have enough umph to do the job. Also my height control will not stay where I stay where I set it making it even worse to do a good job.

    • I think the 2038R will be a wonderful upgrade for you!

      • John Lease eastern West Virginia

        Thank you Tim one oft the fields behind our Cemetary is fairly flat and I would like to get our youth group to help with plainting potatoes on about 1 acre for our food pantry at church. I don’t have a tiller but I do have a sub soiler and a set of bushhog disc so all I will need is a middle buster. I was by the dealer this morning and told me that the 2038R had a shipping number , just waiting for the release date.

        I love watching your videos and am amazed at what you do with it. Wish I could afford the back hoe

  9. Saw the 260b backhoe yesterday. It fixes a lot of shortcomings over the last one. I would trade in a heartbeat

  10. If I were purchasing my first little tractor, with the benefit of the hindsight I have gained running my 1025R for 3 years, I would pick the new 2025R for two reasons. 1) The independent (and higher) mower lift. I need to drive across small streams and would love the ability to raise the mower a bit higher. 2) The more robust front quick hitch solution. However, the advantages are not enough to compel me to upgrade at this time.

    • Tim, you should really look at the new 2032 or 2038R Tractors. When it comes to working the 2038R will really get the job done. I know because I just took delivery on October 16th of my new 2038R. It is quieter than the 1025R, has more get up and go and the E throttle is simply great. I have the 72D deck with the mulching kit and have mowed through thick grass that would stall my 1025. The command cut lift system makes changing the deck height as simple as turning a knob to the height you want and the lift system does it every time.

    • Sounds good, Tweeze. I’m not sure that the quick hitch solution is any different from the 1025R. Also, I agree that it is not a major upgrade. If you are happy with your 1025r, there is no reason to ‘wish’ for the 2025r.

  11. Tim, do you have any info on the stop sale that is currently on the new 2025R? Mine has been sitting at my dealers for over a month now, and they can’t deliver it until the fix is announced.

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