Edge Tamer System

By now, you’ve probably noticed my fondness for products which solve a specific problem today, and can also be extended to solve additional problems either today or in the future. The Edge Tamer ‘system’ as I’ll refer to it here is just such a solution.

The primary purpose and driving force for you to purchase the Edge Tamer is its simple and cost effective solution to snow removal. The Edge Tamers fit onto the cutting edge of tractor (or skid steer) mounted front loader. The Edge Tamers will fit any subcompact/compact or even larger front end loaders. This video (shot in the summer) shows how the Edge Tamers prevent the loader from gouging into the suburban sod. As we were testing, the loader even started picking up leaves! Obviously, the Edge Tamers are not marketed as a leaf collection system, but hey, I could think of worse ways to attempt leaf collection! …like a hand-held yard rake!!

When (if?) we get some snow, we’ll get some video with the Edge Tamers for their primary use. Who knows, we may clear our entire back yard!

Edge Tamers are offered in 3″, 4″, and now 6″ widths. For sub-compact tractors, two of the 3″ will work fine. For wider buckets, you may want to consider addind an Edge Tamer in the middle. For heavier buckets, or situations where the ground under the snow is extra soft/muddy, you may want the wider version. For example, we are planning to use the 6″ version on my dad’s Case 580 backhoe.

Less than $100 (with the TTWT 5% off coupon code) provides an effective snow removal solution for your compact tractor. However, this is not the end of the Edge Tamer story.


Pallet forks are probably the most versatile front end loader attachment available. You can use them for LOTS different purposes, many of which have nothing to do with a pallet. If you don’t own a set, I would recommend you consider doing so. However, if you have a pin-on bucket, or you simply cannot afford a set of forks, the Edge Tamer system provides a suitable alternative. The Edge Extender can handle posts, logs, brush, and many other situation where the loader bucket will not quite do the job. The amazing thing is that a pair of these is only a $30 addition to your set of Edge Tamers.

Trash Can Carrier (No more excuses)

I’m always coming up with an excuse why I can’t take out the trash. I’m busy with this or that, eating a cheeseburger, etc! I refer to the Trash Tamer as the ‘no more excuses’ attachment. Now, when the trash needs to be taken out, I can use my tractor! Maybe that will give me some more motivation?

The Trash Tamer attaches to the Edge Tamer, completing the ‘system’ as I have described it. You can carry 2 or maybe even 3 trash cans at once with the front of your bucket. This solution makes it easy to ‘scoop up’ your trash cans for the journey to the road. Ok, my journey is only about 80′, but I suspect you don’t live in the confines of suburbia!


The Edge Tamer System is quite a cost effective solution to several problems we face around the yard each day. Due to the low cost, it is a great gift idea. I highly recommend getting a set of these for yourself, or the tractor lover in your life.


  1. Tim, I just saw your email and the info on the Edge Tamer and Extenders. I ordered them and am looking very forward to using them. I heat w/wood so I’m cutting a lot throughout the year and this looks like it’ll really help me w/log removal. Thanks, Happy Thanksgiving.

  2. Tim, thanks for the informative 1 series videos. I purchased my 1025r with mower deck, bucket and backhoe based on content you provided. Also ordered the edge tamers today. Keep up those vids! Dave

  3. Just used mine for the first time this weekend. Worked very well on what is left of my scraggly oil and stone driveway. Recommend!

  4. Yeah..took a little time..Worth the wait..

  5. Hi Tim, great videos!!! I enjoy watching them all smd learning about the 1025r. I want to buy one very soon and i have learned so much from your experience. Could you post something about Johnny’s stability on slopes? Such as side hill mowing?

    • This is not one of the strengths of the 1025R. Its small footprint makes it a bit more tipsy than one would like.

      Having said that, check out my “Levi” videos. Levi uses a 1026r (same size as 1025r) on some extreme slopes. You can ask him about it at http://greentractortalk.com

  6. Received via USPS in about a week to Alaska. The Edge Tamers seem to be of very heavy duty construction. Thank you for the discount.

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