Tim grew up in a very rural area in southeastern Illinois. In fact, to this day, there is not a stoplight (red/yellow/green) in the ENTIRE COUNTY (Edwards County, IL). The county has one high school, and Tim was in the last class containing more than 100 students (103). Since then, this rural community has declined even further in population. An unfortunate situation facing many midwestern communities.

Tim’s family has farmed in Edwards County Illinois for several generations. While Tim enjoyed the lifestyle in that community, including strong family values, good community interaction, etc. He discovered that he also had a passion for computer software.

So, after high school, Tim ventured ‘up north’ to the University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign to earn a B.S. in Computer Science. After college, he took a position with IBM in Research Triangle Park, NC where he met Christy and they were married in 1992.

After IBM, his career in software has led to moves to Chicagoland (Grayslake/Gurnee, IL), then to Columbus Indiana, and in 1998, he and Christy moved to Carmel, IN where they live today.

At present, Tim works as a Software Architect and Developer at a consulting company in Carmel. This role places him in various companies around the Indianapolis area. Currently, he is working at Allison Transmission, within sight (and earshot) of the Indianapolis Motor Speedway.

Tim finds tractor work to be a therapy of sorts from the stressful days at the office. It is rewarding to be able to help folks quickly solve lawn cleanup and other outdoor issues quickly. Equally rewarding is meeting quality people in the area. We hear too much about the negative aspects of our society. Tim has found that our typical DIY focused clientele are down to earth folks who love to work, love to have fun, and love to see their yards cleaned up.


  1. John a.k.a. TrueGrits Gritman

    Tim, You left out why you leave those Bible verses in your videos. They are a blessing.

    I grew up outside NYC but I am a country boy at heart. I met Claire in October 1969, a city girl who grew up on a farm. My boss and one of my subordinates told me she was a woman of exceptional character and that I should meet her. I worked my way through Rutgers and do so with no debt. You know what that means, no social life. And I lived a contented life of a true bachelor for nine years. Leaving home between my junior and senior years of high school, I studied languages in Germany, came back to the States and enrolled at Rutgers in electrical engineering. Are you kidding? I hadn’t taken chemistry, physics or calculus and soon transferred, graduating with an undergraduate degree in accounting and a minor, at the graduate level, in German literature. Then I met Claire and remembered that God said it was not good for a man to be alone. We met Wednesday night and I asked her to marry me at about 4:30am Saturday morning. We married in February 1970 – WOW! that was a long time ago. It pays to listen to your friends.

    Now our girls are all grown up. One lives in TN on a 111 acre farm. I live my dream vicariously helping my son (in law – the son we never had) build a specialized trucking business. He is a man of character albeit strong willed. When the trucking business is well on its feet, we will add some cows (four legged manure spreaders) and pigs (four legged rototillers) to the property. We have two horses and a bunch of chickens – two legged insecticide! The horses, well they are rescue and follow my daughter like little puppies.

    Curtis, who comes from Detroit, loves to drive and see the country. But more than that he liked to take his son with him and when he comes home he like the quiet, the neighbors and country friends and the smells of the dirt, the meadows etc.

    Life is good! Just full of God’s blessings.


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