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Ken’s 1025R Upgraded Seat Springs

The John Deere 1025R seems to be designed for feather-weight drivers.    Unfortunately, I’ve never seen a cheeseburger I could pass by, so my built-in organic ballast makes the seat bottom-out on the smallest of bumps.

Given the small diameter tires, short wheelbase, and narrow width, the 1-series doesn’t handle bumps very well, so a seat which bottoms out easily makes it even worse.

The problem is the weak springs used to hold up the seat.  In 2014 (or so)…apparently AFTER my tractor was built… Deere increased the strength of the springs slightly, but from all reports, still not enough to be comfortable for a 225lb+ driver.     Ken’s springs are rated for 260lbs.  (130lbs each).

Update: Ken recently improved the springs by “Zinc Plating” them. This removes the need to paint.

1S Seat Springs

These springs fit only the 1025R.  The 1023e seat is made differently, using rubber bumpers under the rear of the seat.


Installation of the springs is a fun simple project.   Katriel and I put together a video showing how to install them.  Notice that the installation is easy, and can be fun.

If you are more disciplined at the table than me, then the spring upgrade may not be useful at all for you.  However, If you are “cheeseburger challenged” like me, you will find Ken’s Seat Springs to be an inexpensive fix to a painful problem.

You can order a set of springs directly from Ken’s Bolt On Hooks.





  1. Hello Tim,

    My name is Jason and I have a 2015 1025r. I was wondering if you have heard of the Rezloh cutting edges? Commercial landscapers use them but they also make them for residential buckets. I was wondering if you knew of anyone who has one or if you tried them yourself? It is a all around edge that is aggressive when it needs to be but it also good for plowing and fine grading. Thanks for your time and videos. I just ordered the roller so I can add the scalping wheel to my mower!

    Thank you,

    Jason Wenton

  2. Hello. They make a 48 for tractor buckets. I clicked on the John Deere tab then the products link on the right side and then sub compact and it shows 3 different sizes. A landscape buddy I know told me they have these blades on their skids and they last forever and he told me the bucket would rust out before I would wear out the bar. I have 4 Acres and I cleared almost a acre this past year with my tractor and some heavy equipment. Lots of trees and stumps. I moved close to 400yds of dirt with that little bucket. One trip at a time. Took a long time but I am retired. Disabled vet. Anyway no my wife bought it for me thru her amazon account. If I could convince her to get a cab for me that doesn’t cost $5000. I’m researching cabs now that I put on. The cold kills me but I love to plow. The tractor is the only thing I can still use. I am going to order the seat springs thru your link.

  3. Installed Kens springs today. I noticed that Kens springs are heavier than the factory springs. Painted them JD green. I took my palm and pressed down on the factory springs on garage floor and I could compact the factory springs about 1”, Kens I could not budge, so I am hoping this is a good fix. I might take the factory springs and place them underneath as well. I like BigMacs just to much.

  4. Have you tried these on the 2nd gen 2025r? The seat retaining pin will not come out as the rear fenders are blocking it from being fully removed.

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