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1-Series Snow Removal Options

After spending your grand-kid’s inheritance on your new sub-compact tractor, it makes sense to consider how you can use it for snow removal.

The question is, do you need any more attachments/accessories to remove snow efficiently and successfully?

There are a surprising number of snow-removal options for the 1-series. We’ll evaluate the most popular configurations here.

Front End Loader

One might call this the ‘default’ option. If your 1-series came with a loader, this option might not cost you any extra. For many of us, that is very important. We’ve spent more than we should have on our new toy/tool than we should have anyway.

The loader can move snow, but frankly, by itself, it isn’t very efficient. One advantage is that one can pile snow quite high. So, deep snow can be removed with the loader. However, it is difficult to keep from digging into your gravel driveway, or scratching your asphalt or concrete driveway.

If you are considering this option, I would recommend looking into a set of Edge Tamers.
EdgTam_CloseUp-400x400 Be sure to use coupon code TTWT at checkout for a 5% discount.
Edge Tamers reduce the bucket’s tendency to dig into the driveway surface. This is an inexpensive solution, allowing your bucket to become an effective snow removal tool. With the Edge Tamers, your bucket becomes somewhat like a ‘snow pusher’ mentioned below, but at much less cost.

The Edge Tamers should work well in southern climates where snow is less frequent, and often falls on ‘un-frozen’ ground. This scenario makes it very difficult for some of the other solutions below to work well. However, the Edge Tamers should allow your bucket to float right over the unfrozen driveway.

Another use for the Edge Tamers is to ‘get by’ until you can afford one of the more expensive solutions below. Spend a few dollars now to get through the first winter or two, then as funds become available, and you have more experience with your tractor, invest in one of the more expensive solutions below.

For more information on Edge Tamers, and the other accessories available, check out this post: Tractor Time with Tim – Edge Tamer System

54 Front Blade

This is the same 54 inch blade used on the x700 Signature Series, as well as the older 400 and 500 series tractors. The complete solution including quick hitch and raise/angle cylinders will cost you $1300-$1500 new.

The parts required for this solution are a bit confusing. Rather than attempting to list the exact parts required for your tractor, I’ll refer you to the Mutton Power 54 Blade Configuration Tool.


  • Fast Cleanup (faster than loader or blower)
  • Easy to attach/detach, and switch to loader or mower deck.
  • Quiet, smooth operation when equipped with rubber cutting edge
  • Compact size, and power angle makes snow removal easy in tight situations


  • Blade doesn’t lift very high, so hard to push large piles of snow. (see proposed solution below)
  • Not quite wide enough for the 1-series when fully angled (see proposed solution below)
  • Doesn’t handle extremely deep snow-falls well. I have plowed 10 inches without any issues. As of yet, I do not know the ‘maximum’ the blade would take. However, the blade certainly won’t handle as much as the blower or loader.
  • Quick Hitch mechanism is cumbersome, and slightly under-engineered for the 1-series, and even more so for the 2-series.

Before moving to the next option, I should mention a few options available for this solution which might make it more attractive for you

Artillian Upgrades (rubber cutting edge, and wings)

Artillian offers a couple of enhancements which improve the performance of the 54 blade. The wings provide another 6 inches or so on each end of the blade. This makes the blade approximately 66 inches wide. This is plenty wide for the 1-series, even when fully angled. Additionally, the rubber wings are much safer when operating near a house or car.

The rubber cutting edge allows the blade to slide quietly, and clean the surface completely.

These kits come with all of the necessary hardware to mount to your blade. Once you get these options, you can use rubber ‘horse stall mats’ for replacements as necessary.

Artillian 54 Blade Products

A picture (or video) is worth a thousand words. Take a look at my “Artillian enhanced” 54 blade in action here:

Loader mounted 54 blade

Enhance the 54 Blade solution with the Artillian Quick Hitch Adapter.
This solution provides most of the advantages of the 54 blade with a few additional advantages. You can pile snow as high as necessary, and you can quickly remove the blade for loader operations.


  • Most of the advantages of the 54 blade alone
  • Ability to ‘Pile it high and deep’
  • Easy removal to use loader for other things


  • Higher cost than 54 blade alone (but still cheaper than snow blower)
  • Less ‘compact’ than 54 blade alone

Here is the Artillian view on snow management options:

47 or 54 Snow Blower

The front mounted snow blower is the premier solution for high snow-fall areas. If you count your snow-falls in feet instead of inches, then you should definitely consider the front mounted blower.

Folks often ask whether they should buy the 47 or 54 inch version. The 1-series tractor is about 47 1/2 inches wide. This might work when going perfectly straight. However, when turning or maneuvering for a corner, it is much easier to have a blower wider than the tractor. I have never heard any complaints about sufficient engine power for the 54 inch, so I would highly recommend choosing it.

While this is a wonderful choice for high snow fall areas, there are some significant disadvantages to this solution. Let’s evaluate the advantages and disadvantages closely.


  • Ability to remove large amounts of snow
  • Throws snow long distances. This prevents large piles right beside the driveway
  • With appropriate cutting edge, cleans the driveway very nicely


  • High initial cost
  • Can throw rocks at your windows
  • Unpleasant to drive without a cab. (Snow blows back in your face).
  • Doesn’t work well with small snowfall (1-2 inches)
  • Slower to use for smaller snowfalls (less than 10 inches)
  • More difficult to remove than other options. Must remove mower auto-connect to install PTO shaft. There is no ‘auto-connect’ for the snow-blower.

Like the 54 Blade, the front mounted blower uses the Quick Hitch connection to the tractor. It also requires an additional component to connect the mid-PTO to the blower. Again, I’ll refer you to Mutton’s excellent snow blower page rather than attempting to list the exact parts necessary for your tractor.

If you choose to get a snow blower, I would recommend that you consider a cab for your tractor. I’m planning a post on some of the enclosure options for the 1-series.

Snow Pusher

Another option is a ‘snow pusher’. CT Attachments makes a snow pusher compatible with the Deere loader quick attach (JDQA) system.


A snow pusher is similar to your loader bucket. The most notable difference is that it has no ‘bottom’. It is used to push large piles of snow rather than pick up a bucket full of material. The ends are larger and deeper than a regular bucket which keeps the snow contained in front of the pusher rather than it ‘leaking’ around the edges. This approach makes it easier to do the final cleaning on a surface.

The CT Attachments example above is a 72″ pusher. This is likely a bit too wide for the 1-series, but perfect for the 2-3 series.


  • Easiest system to attach/detach
  • Easier to use and less driveway damage than front end loader bucket.
  • No custom hydraulics necessary. Uses built in loader hydraulics
  • Maybe less flexibility in snow placement? If in a small driveway, this might be an issue
  • Might have difficulty pushing large piles of snow on slick driveway with 1-series

Overall, this seems like an attractive option due to its simplicity and utility. I do not have personal experience using one so I cannot comment further. (Hint to CT Attachments 🙂 )

Frontier rear snowblower

Another option is a 3-Point Hitch attached snow blower. Used in combination with the front end loader, this solution provides multiple weapons to ‘attack’ old man winter.


  • Easy connect/disconnect (with I-Match, or even better, with I-Match auto-hitch).
  • Can handle any snow situation.
  • Could be combined with snow pusher for even more utility


  • My neck hurts. I’m tired of looking backwards
  • Nearly as expensive as front mounted blower

Personally, this is one of my least favorite options. I just don’t want to ‘go backwards’ all of the time. However, in the right situation, I could see that it would provide the most flexible options for snow removal.


The 1023E/1025R can be a tremendous snow removal tool. There are many viable configurations. Some of the configurations can be used as stepping stones from a financial standpoint. For instance, you could purchase the 54 blade and quick hitch now. If that proves to be insufficient to handle your snowfall, you could add the Artillian loader mount quick attach adapter. There is very little cost duplication in that scenario.

Alternatively, you could add the front mount snow blower on the same quick attach frame you purchased for the blade. Again, the blade becomes a stepping stone.

If there simply is no budget available, I would suggest looking at the edge tamers. This will allow the loader to work as a competent snow removal tool without destroying your driveway. This option is less than $100 if you use the coupon code TTWT at checkout.

Oh, and there is one last option. Pray for spring to come soon!


  1. Great article Tim! I have a 2520 with the 54 inch blower,and I love it! The first year we used the blower, we didn’t have a cab on the tractor and that was a nightmare! I went and got a cab from Original Cab and it works great! I wish the black vinyl was more heavy duty and the clear was heavier, but all in all it’s not too bad. I think if I could get 7 years of use from it and then maybe find a shop that could redo it all, it will work out. I also remove most of the hardware needed to mount it to the tractor when I take it off. Last I bought a cab heater hook up from Mutton, and it works good!

    • What brand of snow pusher do you have?

      Your setup seems quite flexible. You get the speedy cleanup of a snow pusher, the ability to move large drifts with the blower, and easy removal of both!
      Any pictures?

      • Tim, I’m looking at the Artillian reinforced rubber cutting edge for my 54″ quick hitch plow. I’m really chewing up my blade and feet w/the concrete. However, which one would you recommend? The reinforced or the rigid? I don’t know how ‘rigid’ the more expensive one is but I don’t want more damage to my blade. help! Thanks.

        • I use the rubber one. I use the ‘float’ setting on the hydraulics so that the blade is not applying downforce on the concrete. With this approach, I don’t get much wear.
          I don’t use the feet at all…have them raised out of the way.
          If you have been using float, and are still having issues, I would recommend the rigid cutting edge. I might also recommend the upgraded feet from I have not used them, as I don’t need them, but they might help you.

          Sorry that I can’t provide definitive answer for you.

  2. Various folks sell the feet with the plastic bottoms for the blade.

    I put the JD plastic feet on the blower and a plastic blade. Works well.

    My experience is the blower really slows down with 10″ of snow.

    The problem is either the blower or blade only plows 1/4 of the road.

    My crazy fantasy is use the blower/blade on front, then a rear blade on the 3 point set out to the right. Likely need bracing, but…..

    I tried the FEL first year on snow. Close to useless. Once the bucket fills (almost instantly) then you’re just pushing snow forward.

    The problem with Quick Hitch is you have to change front end mounting brackets from mower deck to Quick Hitch.

    I Line-Xed my blower. The dealer said not to Line-X the well, but I regret not doing that, too. I went back after this year’s snow & Line-X the chute, too.

    The chute will freeze up, be hard to rotate, and clog up. Especially if snow is slushy.

    Oh heavily lube the pedal actuator in the rear. It’ll freeze up and then the rod will pull out, stripping threads.

  3. I recently purchased a 1025r loader, backhoe, 60″ auto. I’m thinking about snow removal options. I own an x485 and already have the 54″ blade and quick attach for it. I’m trying to figure out what I would need to buy to use what I already own on the 1025. Am I correct in thinking all I would need to buy is the attaching support kit? Thanks, and I love your website and videos.

  4. The video worked!..Just purchased the edge tamers and extenders for my 1025r. I have a stone driveway and use the blower. But tend to put the blower on late and pull the blower off early and slide the bucket to get by. This seems like a good way to transition.

  5. Discovered JD makes 9″ metal extensions for the 54″ QH blade = 72″ (maybe). Part # LP53767…/html/brochures/publication.html… Page 21

    JD now makes a 60″ QH blade which looks identical to the 54″ in terms of height & profile. Seems pretty expensive.

    • Heavy Hitch makes a 72″ steel cutting edge to fit the 54″ blade with the 2 ea 9″ extensions.

      You can buy custom cut UHMW “Plus” plastic blades <$100

      You can buy carriage head 8mm x 45mm grade 8.8 bolts and flange locking nuts at Or maybe Artillian will sell theirs.

      I'm having my 54" blade and 9" extensions welded together. JD says:"Snow only."

      And putting the Artillian extensions on. So, 83" with actual 72" angled.

      All mounted on the Artillian FEL frame.

      Went with the WR Long 3rd valve system because it has a safety valve to protect the hydraulics if you hit something.

      Will it handle snow? Dunno. The 1025R with FEL & ballast is roughly 3,000 pounds. If its a huge snow storm, then plow early & often.

  6. Heavy Hitch makes a 72” steel cutting edge for the 54” blade plus 9” extensions combo.

    You can by a 72″ UHMW “plus” plastic cutting edge at

    You can buy 8×45 mm carriage head grade 8.8 bolts and flange nuts at to handle the thicker plastic cutting edge….. or Artillian might sell theirs separately.

    Add the Artillian rubber extensions, the blade will be 83” (72” angled).

  7. In your video you said you got the blade used, were you also able to find the attaching parts used also.

    Thanks Bill
    PS please keep up the farm vids with your dad and brother along with the others hail to the farmers.

  8. Interesting. I priced a 1023e from 2 deere dealerships. One quoted a package with the 54″ Frontier rear snowblower, the other said I’d void my warrantee if I put a rear blower on that machine. After flipping through his booklet, he said the rear PTO couldn’t drive it. So instead dealer #2 quoted me a 1025 for $6k more. the setup looks fine for a blade or front blower. Almost every other subcompact maker doesnt under power their rear PTO and offers a at least 51-54″ rear blower without a blink

  9. Thanks you for all your 1025 videos. I purchased mine this spring and love it! I just purchased the R2 Manufacturing “Edge Tamer” for my bucket in anticipation of this winter. I would not have know about it without your YouTube channel. Keep up the good work!!!

  10. I’m in the south so just a handful of snow events each year. Considering the edge takers based on your reviews! But the majority of my work will be moving fill and topsoil that’ll be dumped on a concrete driveway. Wanting to minimize damage to driveway as much as possible. I’m thinking a poly plastic or rubber cutting edge mounted directly on the FEL bucket would be best for both jobs. Does anyone make such a product? Can only find them for snowplows. Or would you just recommend the edgetamers Tim? Thanks!! Keep up the great work!! (1023r + D120)

  11. I was curious if you would be able to tell me the part numbers for the required components of a 2305 snow blade quick hitch setup. I am having difficulty figuring out what I need. Thx

    • Mutton power equipment has a good ‘blade/quick hitch’ calculator thingy. It helps you choose the right parts for your tractor. check it out.

  12. Have question, confused about snow blade, I have a 54” snow blade that attached to my FEL, just like the bucket does. Same connections. Is this the same blade that is used with the arttilian Snow blade set up. Really find your site very informative. You should sell JD tractors

    • No, the artillian solution is an adapter for the “Quick Hitch” attached snow blade like I have on my tractor. I have several videos showing this blade, including how it attaches to the tractor.

  13. Hi Tim! I just purchased a 1025R but has not come in yet. I really want to thank all of you for sharing information which helped me make the choice. I will be using it to clean our church parking lot and so I have also ordered a 60″ snow plow along with a 54″ blower to disperse the end piles of snow so not to lose any parking spaces. We are out in the country in Minnesota and receive many blessings in the amount of snow. A question I have is, may the Artillian wings be used on the 60″ plow? I have ordered a plow blade from Heavy Hitch for it.
    Thank you for sharing your family with us! I too grew up in Illinois near Harvard. I pray that all are well in your family and may God continue to bless you all!

    • I think the 60″ blade is taller than the 54″ blade. I would recommend contacting Artillian to ask this question.
      Let me know if you cannot get through to someone who can help!

  14. I have completely hillbilly solution for snow removal using my 4110 and a 54 inch plow. I sandwich a 6 foot 2 x 6 between my plow and the thin metal wear bar. I leave about 3 inches protruding below. You may ask why, well the reason is that I have a small plowing operation which most of the driveways are pavers. It saves the pavers and my blade. Also I let a few inches stick out on either end. I’ve been doing this for 20 years plowing 12 houses. I usually wear down or break 2-3 boards per year. Yes, it looks dumb, but hey it works great.

  15. Just ordered three 4″ edge tamers for Santa to wrap up. Looks like they might make it by Christmas as all the sizes are backordered for 3 weeks.

  16. Thank you and your family so much for your time and efforts creating ‘Tractor Time With Tim’. When I retired a few years ago my wife and I moved to our new home with some acreage in northern Wisconsin similar to your new home near Lebanon IN. I discovered your YouTube channel about a year ago. Watching your YouTube videos helped me transition from a very old worn out garden tractor to a 2018 1025r to meet my many needs around the property.

    I would like to pass on my experience during a recent snow event. I have a basic loader attachment and turf tires. I purchased the 1025r with turf tires because my old garden tractor had them and could plow our garden with plenty of traction, and much of the time I would be mowing the lawn. This snow removal experience is about where my driveway is packed crushed red granite near the house and in front of the garage. The driveway was frozen before the snow storm hit. The approximately 8” of snow was the very heavy and mixed with a lot of rain. To avoid that snow from being flash frozen as the the temperature plummeted I had to remove the snow right away as soon as it ended just before dark. I turned on the 1025r’s lights which lit up the area great and went to work. There was an inch of ice at the bottom of that snow on top of the red granite that had water on it as if it had been greased. I put the tractor into 4WD and lowered the loader to float. To my pleasant surprise the turf tires had plenty of traction even though I was scooping up that water soaked snow. I scooped up what seemed like hundreds of pounds of wet snow and many gallons of water with each scoop. I was able to clear a very large area this way.

    I’m not making any suggestions or recommendations, just wanted to pass on this snow removal experience with my 1025r as it is equipped at this time to handle snow removal.

    I intend to make improvements in the usefulness of my tractor learning from your many experiences.

  17. Buckets of snow this week in lower western Michigan- I couldn’t blade the snow any more as I ran out of places to push it. So I put the FEL on w the edge tamers and it worked beautifully using the “float” feature on my 1025r.
    I wish I knew how to post some pics on here. I’m putting some on IG, check me out at tkdsipes.

    • use #tractortimewithtim on IG. We just got a new instagram account (TractorTimeWithTim)
      They really work great, don’t they!

  18. Light snow in south Pennsylvania and I’m finding the FEL bucket float is frequently digging in at the center on crowned areas of the new blacktop or digging in the corners on slight depressions which will result in big depression when the gouges become obvious to the ‘finance department’ after the snow melts.
    Have you any experience or thoughts on the various rubber or poly ‘soft’ bucket edge protectors? I’m especially interested in the clamp on types as I don’t fancy trying to drill a heard of holes in the bucket.
    Another alternative way cheaper than new blades or pushers might be adjustable snowblower shoes bolted on the outside through the side of the bucket to give just enough edge clearance to stop the damage.

    • They are Called ‘edge tamers’. Discussed in the article, including links. We have several videos on our YouTube channel showing these in action. They work!

  19. I have a 54 inch quick connect snow blade with left and angle hydraulics that I’ve used on a JD 445 for 15 years. Sadly my beloved 445 gave up the ghost this spring. I just purchased a new 0.25 hours 2019 1025R. Is there a way to attach my snow blade to my 1025R?

  20. I can see how edge tamers can help minimize scrapes/gouges/damage to driveways, but will the edge tamers cause visible scratches or damage to an asphalt driveway? TY

  21. I purchased the 47in snowblower with my machine that I just got a week ago, I also purchased from Deere their quick connect forks for the loader. I would love to have a plow option for the loader, do you know if the Artillian bracket will mount to the Deere fork attachment? If not what would be my best option for the fork attachment from Deere?

  22. I have a JD 1023e. I agree with all of Tim’s disadvantages listed for the front blower and more. Here in NY, my area frequently gets 12+ inch snow storms, usually up to a dozen each winter. I bought a front loaded snow blower when I bought my 1023e, thinking it would be just the ticket for my downhill, gravel driveway, which has a tight curve crowded by a couple out buildings and embankments. It was NOT the solution. The weight of the snow filled blower-even in 4wd and filled tires, made it impossible to navigate even a slight turn, forcing me repeatedly into the outside ditch and getting stuck. The front tires couldn’t get enough grip to force a turn, even if I raised the blower a bit. I had to return it at a loss. The edge-tamers used on the front bucket turned out to be a great cheap alternative snow pusher, as they do a great job even over the lawns, and clearing piles of snow built up from plowing- which narrows our tight driveway. Although the edge-tamers were not the perfect solution, it opened up my using them to clear parts of my lawns as well for other activities without damaging the grass.

  23. Great information as usual Tim. Thanks
    Have you ever tried the Snow Edge (from Ratchet Rake I think)?
    We don’t get days of deep snow and was looking for an economical solution until there was a little more in the inheritance fund to spend:) Any thoughts are appreciated. Keep up your good work.

  24. HI, need some help. We have a Loftness snow blower, which was working awesome until a rope was picked up and wrapped around the auger shaft. We removed the bolt but cannot get the fan to budge. Any ideas?

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