Tim grew up in a very rural area in southeastern Illinois. In fact, to this day, there is not a stoplight (red/yellow/green) in the ENTIRE COUNTY (Edwards County, IL). The county has one high school, and Tim was in the last class containing more than 100 students (103). Since then, this rural community has declined even further in population. An unfortunate situation facing many midwestern communities.

Tim’s family has farmed in Edwards County Illinois for several generations. While Tim enjoyed the lifestyle in that community, including strong family values, good community interaction, etc. He discovered that he also had a passion for computer software.

So, after high school, Tim ventured ‘up north’ to the University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign to earn a B.S. in Computer Science. After college, he took a position with IBM in Research Triangle Park, NC where he met Christy and they were married in 1992.

After IBM, his career in software has led to moves to Chicagoland (Grayslake/Gurnee, IL), then to Columbus Indiana, and in 1998, he and Christy moved to Carmel, IN where they live today.

At present, Tim works as a Software Architect and Developer at a consulting company in Carmel. This role places him in various companies around the Indianapolis area. Currently, he is working at Allison Transmission, within sight (and earshot) of the Indianapolis Motor Speedway.

Tim finds tractor work to be a therapy of sorts from the stressful days at the office. It is rewarding to be able to help folks quickly solve lawn cleanup and other outdoor issues quickly. Equally rewarding is meeting quality people in the area. We hear too much about the negative aspects of our society. Tim has found that our typical DIY focused clientele are down to earth folks who love to work, love to have fun, and love to see their yards cleaned up.


  1. John a.k.a. TrueGrits Gritman

    Tim, You left out why you leave those Bible verses in your videos. They are a blessing.

    I grew up outside NYC but I am a country boy at heart. I met Claire in October 1969, a city girl who grew up on a farm. My boss and one of my subordinates told me she was a woman of exceptional character and that I should meet her. I worked my way through Rutgers and do so with no debt. You know what that means, no social life. And I lived a contented life of a true bachelor for nine years. Leaving home between my junior and senior years of high school, I studied languages in Germany, came back to the States and enrolled at Rutgers in electrical engineering. Are you kidding? I hadn’t taken chemistry, physics or calculus and soon transferred, graduating with an undergraduate degree in accounting and a minor, at the graduate level, in German literature. Then I met Claire and remembered that God said it was not good for a man to be alone. We met Wednesday night and I asked her to marry me at about 4:30am Saturday morning. We married in February 1970 – WOW! that was a long time ago. It pays to listen to your friends.

    Now our girls are all grown up. One lives in TN on a 111 acre farm. I live my dream vicariously helping my son (in law – the son we never had) build a specialized trucking business. He is a man of character albeit strong willed. When the trucking business is well on its feet, we will add some cows (four legged manure spreaders) and pigs (four legged rototillers) to the property. We have two horses and a bunch of chickens – two legged insecticide! The horses, well they are rescue and follow my daughter like little puppies.

    Curtis, who comes from Detroit, loves to drive and see the country. But more than that he liked to take his son with him and when he comes home he like the quiet, the neighbors and country friends and the smells of the dirt, the meadows etc.

    Life is good! Just full of God’s blessings.


  2. Tim your awesome I have a great idea,,,,,,I think email me please

  3. Tim
    Enjoyed your videos and glad to learn more about your background. I know of a potential internship opportunity for Katriel for her career path to DC.
    Please email and I can provide the details. Thank you.

  4. Tim i watch your videos and i think they are simply awsome. I am working on getting a 1023e or 1025r,not sure which yet still undecided.
    Thank you and keep them coming

  5. How do I get meet u Tim and family ?
    Thomas urbana ,Illinois

  6. Hey Tim. I found your channel a few weeks ago and I love watching all your videos. You have shown me a lot of things with a sub compact tractor I never would of thought possible. I live in Mississippi and my mom has some land out in the country. I had a couple of questions for you if there is anyway I could get your info to email direct or however is easiest for you. If you don’t mind giving us some advice. My dad passed away last year and we have a couple of issues with our creek crossing to the house. If you don’t give out advice I understand. Thanks in advance for any reply. Tell everyone hey from Mississippi. ?

  7. Similar to all other viewers, thanks for the advice, suggestions, humor and good will intent toward sharing options for the JD1025R in particular. Having found your banter by simply looking for JD1025R options a month ago has kept me informed and entertained. Looking for a best option for picking up wood chips vs leaves/straw/hay and have yet to see anyone fully describing what might work. That plus ideally the best hydraulic option to service the front end device like a grapple. Thanks for all that is offered.

    • I would start with the Heavy Hitch toothbar for woodchips. I think this will allow you to get a bucket full much more easily.

      Also, anytime you are loading a bucket, keep the bucket on the ground, parallel with the ground. Do not try to load from the ‘top’ of the pile. Always try to load from the bottom of the pile. Take a look at our videos using the bucket for examprsz

  8. Hi Tim I am in the process of buying a Kubota B2301 Tractor and i am looking for a skid plate to fit it. I found a supplier in Canada (tractoratttachments.ca) but they cant ship to the united states due to insurance issues Is there a way that you know of for me have someone in canada purchase the skid plate from tractorattachements and ship it to me Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated You can reach me at ERICCHSMITH@YAHOO.COM Thank you Eric

  9. Hi Tim, You have a great site and family. I have john deere 1025r with 1 rear auxiliary work light. I want to put 3 more lights on. Where do I plug them in

  10. Tim, I have recently come across your YouTube chanel and am a subscriber and frequent “watcher”! I too live in the Indianapolis area and my wife and I live on a small piece of property (approximately 8 acres) where we had it logged out, and clear cut, for our horses. Over the past 4-5 years we have continued to “clear” the tree tops and stumps. A lot of this has been a true learning experience for us and watching your videos has opened up a new source of information for me that has actually helped me as we proceed. Thank you and keep up the great work! Live watching your family interact, your values and christian beliefs! If you ever need a place to “test” any of your equipment. I’ve got the place! Thanks again and keep up the great work!

  11. Hey Tim. My mind is always working on overtime. I think I have an idea for you to bypass your finance committee. Try contacting Startup-USA.com to broadcast your company (?) so that you might get more attachments for Johnny. Who knows, you could go national? Just a thought.

  12. I enjoy watching your channel

    Yes, you are right about buying a tractor without making sure it’s paid off first

    Made that mistake about 10 years ago

    But I’ve still got the 790 just paid a little more than I expected to

    Keep up the good work.

  13. Ray from northern Wisconsin

    Hi Tim
    A number of years ago I retired to a rural property similar to yours. I have a gravel driveway that’s a half mile long. One of the primary reasons I got my 2018 1025r was to maintain my gravel driveway. So my purchase included a John Deere land plane. I would like to share my very good experiences with my 1025r and the John Deere land plane attachment. However, I didn’t see a driveway maintenance or land plane category on your TTWT webpage. Now that you’ve moved to a more rural area maybe you will delve into land planning people’s driveways and add this category.

    • Yep. I will need to maintain my own driveway now! I’m sure I will gain and be able to share much more experience this year!

      • Ray from northern Wisconsin

        Tim, I had a great experience with my JD sales person. He delivered my 1025r and the several attachments I purchased with it. He walked me through using each one. He had had a lot previous experience using land planes so he showed me how to set it up and use it. It’s 48” or 50” wide like the rear tires. The 1025r does need weight in the front to hold down the front once a lot of gravel builds up in the land plane. I used 4WD and my FEL for that because I don’t have weights yet. It worked great for me. When done my driveway looked like new. I’m saving money for now because I didn’t need more gravel yet I just needed to maintain it with the land plane.

  14. Hi Tim. You have showen us a lot what a small Tractor can do. Today we looked at a 1025 R. A good price on it too. We saw a guy start it with out it pluged in. It has been Very Cold up here. About -10 F. For some time. It just took off. That impressed me. Yoy Guys have been a great Blessing. Take Care. God Bless.

  15. Hi Tim – Your videos have been extremely helpful. Do you have any experience with the all too common 1023/1025/1036 Fuel Pump wiring failure? I am one of the unlucky ones that had John Deere assemble my wiring harness with an EXTREMELY tight zip tie, and over the first 100hs, it finally pulled the wire out of the fuel pump (no more power). So, I am having to replace the pump, but WOW is the bottom bolt a disaster to get to. Any tips or tricks to removing that? My unit is out of warranty, so I am on my own with this. Hopefully I can remove it and fix the wiring issue that broke off.

    • Had not heard of that issue. Thanks for letting me know? The pump is between steering column and engine, right?

  16. Evidently it was a PIP that JD issued for 1023/25/26. The wire bundle has a zip tie that pulls the wire too tight out of the fuel pump. The pump is located behind the engine in the steering column area. Has fuel line in and out, and power wires to it. Replacement pump ordered (JD wanted $90 for it and I bought for $30 with the correct plug), and I prepared for the install. The dealer said it was a painful job since bottom bolt is tough to get. I actually got mine removed easily. Take top bolt out, remove and cap the fuel line coming from driver side, rotate pump towards passenger side, remove lower bolt. Pretty easy job, but I am angry that JD no longer covers this. My wire broke at the pump in just over 100hrs. So, note to everyone out there, remove the zip tie on the wire harness bundle to remove the stress.

    • If it was a PIP, they would have done it for you!

    • The tell tale sign of this failure is a sputtering engine, boggs down, and dies. Before my wire fully broke, I was thankfully able to get it inside the garage. Also, you will know it’s bad if you turn key on, and only hear one click on the injection pump. If you don’t hear the constant click of the fuel pump, you know it’s bad.

  17. Tim & Christy – Read through my Purdue Ag Alumni newsletter last night, Turned it over and THERE SHE WAS…..a great article on Katriel! Congratulations to her along with Mom and Dad. My daughter is the same age as Katriel starting her fourth year in pharmacy at Purdue. REALLY enjoy your YouTube channel. You all are doing a great job!

  18. Christopher Krill

    Hi Tim, very informative videos. I am upgrading from an X758 to a 1025R. Have you produced a video yet just on basic tractor operational techniques? Handling a load, basic ballast needs etc? If so, please direct me to that earlier video. Thanks !

    • Christopher, this is the overall theme of our channel. We choose to avoid lecture type episodes. Rather we show and discuss techniques while we do projects.
      I would suggest settling in, and watching all of our older episodes. It will take some time, and you won’t be able to do it in one day, but over time, you’ll catch up.

      • Hi Tim, i have been going through many many vids. You folks really do a great job! The maintenance episodes are especially informative. Hey, FYI I called then finally had to em that company link for the load and go mounts for the 60” deck. Still nothing available for the 54 which really bums me out as they are so handy. Cant imagine any Deere owner wouldnt want a set. Any thoughts on why they wouldnt work on a 54”??

        • Likely an issue with the width. As you know, the loader brackets are consistent width. Getting them to adapt to each mower size might be challenging.
          Given the success of these, I would think they are attempting to create a 54” compatible version.
          Thanks for watching!

  19. Good answer! Thanks for your time.

  20. Hi Tim. I’m 19 years old and am enrolling at EKU to pursue a degree in landscaping and turf management in hopes of one day starting my own company. I was wondering if you had any advice on how to get started and become successful in the field like you have.

    • Congratulations Ean! You will soon know much more than me about landscaping.
      As for starting and becoming successful, work hard, go the extra mile for your customers, and you’ll be fine!

  21. Hey Tim – Love your channel – Thanks for all the insight…. Have you had experience with the little water drain funnel on the 260B Backhoe seat? It looks like it might be missing a little connector on the bottom side of the funnel because the funnel keeps coming out of the seat? Looking at the JD parts list this isn’t shown anywhere – it just shows the seat as one part number? Thanks in advance for your input…

  22. Hi Tim. I love watching your videos. Have you ever thought of getting a mower to pull behind your gator and mow with air conditioning? I have a kubota Rtv-1100 and a mower and really enjoy the comfort.

  23. Tim, we need a video on adjusting the auto connect on a 1025r. Hope this is right around the corner on your list!

  24. Hi Tim, love your videos.. they very informative. I too have a ,1025R is i see on your tractor you have steering wheel knob i can’t seem to find one to fix my steering wheel.
    So did you get yours? Ron G. From Central Wisconsin

  25. I have the one at http://greenpartstore.com/ttwt (use code TTWT at checkout for free shipping). It doesn’t fit perfectly, but it LOOKS great.
    There is another one here: https://www.greenpartstore.com/John-Deere-Steering-Wheel-Spinner-Knob-1968-Logo-TY16020.html which is a stronger and better fit…but it doesn’t look as nice. (Use code TTWT for this one as well).

  26. Hi Tim,
    I hope you and your family are doing well in these trying times. I find your YouTube video’s very informative and they helped me make my decision on purchasing a 1025r. Coronavirus is slowing down the delivery of it though. I have a question about suitcase weights and would appreciate any info on where I can purchase J.D. 70 lb. weights. I see Heavy Hitch has them but I would like some with the J.D. logo on them. I just got my offset Heavy Hitch delivered today and would like to put 8 – 70lb. suitcase weights on it. Keep up the great job of producing your videos!

    • Like you, I used to be partial to the Deere logo on the weights. However, after some time, I got over that. In many ways, I prefer the smooth sided weights at this point.
      You can probably get them from greenpartstore.con with free shipping. I’m not sure. Use code TTWT for the free shipping.

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