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New Deere Equipment! Thanks AHW!

We are excited to welcome AHW LLC to the Tractor Time with Tim family!

We get many questions about John Deere equipment for which we have no access or experience. Questions like:

  • Which tractor should I buy?
  • Would the 2-Series be better for that job?
  • Why don’t you use a larger tractor?
  • Have you tried the 4-in-1 bucket?

Our new partnership with AHW will allow us to show you real-world productivity with a larger selection of Deere equipment.

The Equipment

Gator 835M HVAC – “Allie”

With our larger property, we are excited to have access to a Gator UTV. We picked up the 835M HVAC, aptly named “Allie” a few weeks ago. You’ve likely seen cameo appearances in recent videos.

Christy has already claimed Allie as her own. She uses it to take out the trash, run to the mailbox, etc.

I have been using it to save trips between our garage and our shed, as we have tools and equipment scattered in each. We still aren’t organized since our move, so each project requires searching for the proper tools and supplies!

Deere 835M HVAC
“Allie” Needs a Bath

Allie has a “power dump” feature which Christy absolutely loves. She throws the trash bags in the back, drives to the road, and dumps them without ever leaving the cab. No more complaints about the cold weather!

In addition to the ‘work’ items listed above, we have enjoyed tooling around the yard and neighborhood on Allie. As this photo shows, she has already seen some mud!

2038R TLB “Johnny 2”

We hear folks singing the virtues of the large frame 2R on all of the online forums. While we had been thinking of getting a 3R, AHW convinced us to try the 2038R for this year.

From our investigation on dealer’s lots, we see that the ergonomics of the large 2R’s are far superior to the 3R. For example, arm rests are not offered on the open station 3R, and the joystick is not quite as handy.

We will have much more to share about this tractor throughout the season. We are INCREDIBLY excited to add it to our fleet.

Player to be Named Later!

We have to keep SOME suspense, right? Let me just say that you WILL be surprised with this new family member!

4-in-1 Bucket (AY11F)

We get lots of questions about 4-in-1 buckets. AHW has provided the 53″ model which will fit Johnny I and Johnny 2. We will have the Artillian 3rd function on each machine, so we will use/evaluate the 4-in-1 on both!

The Deal

We are renting the equipment from AHW LLC for 12 months. While we are paying a significant portion of the rental cost, AHW is handling the biggest part of it. This allows us to have more Deere equipment on our property than we could afford on our own.

At the end of the rental period, we have the option to purchase this equipment or return it to AHW.


We are convinced that this additional equipment will help us provide more informed and entertaining videos. Of course, it will take some time for us to obtain the necessary attachments for the new machines, but over time, we expect to be able to provide detailed information and detailed answers to the questions above.

We are thankful to AHW for setting up this partnership. We think this is only the beginning of a long relationship.


  1. Nice Job Tim and Christy! I know you said the rental charges go towards purchase at the end of 12 months. Do you have to purchase all or can you choose which equipment you keep? Looking forward to meeting to “mystery machine”!

  2. I named my gator Allie too. Lol. My Honda generator is Jenny and my Honda rubicon is ruby!! Lol. My Apple Watch is Dick Tracy too. Lol.

    • Great videos and loads of great information
      Thanks for all you and your family do
      I have a John Deere 2320 and just retired and can’t wait to use it more around our country property
      Congratulations on your new home Can’t wait to see what projects you do in the future
      Thanks Bruce

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