Thursday, May 6, 2021
Heavy Hitch

Which Heavy Hitch Should I buy?

There are several variations of Heavy Hitch available. Which one is right for your tractor? As we examine each of these configurations in detail,...
Maschio Flail Mower

Offset Flail Mower on Subcompact Tractor

The Maschio Weekend Warrior Side Offset Flail Mower is a very versatile piece of equipment. Is it right for your situation? We...
Grapple subcompact review

Sub-Compact Grapple Roundup

In this article, we'll discuss some of the 'special needs' a sub-compact tractor like Johnny has when considering a grapple, and evaluate a few...
1025r Mower lift options

1023e/1025r Mid Mount Mower Lift Options

I've had lots of questions recently about the lift options for the 1-series mid mount mowers.  This is understandable, as the choices ARE confusing....

Sickle Bar Mower for Subcompact Tractor

A sickle bar mower, like this Maschio, is easy on the tractor. It doesn't come close to maxing out the horsepower of subcompact tractor. It's a great mower for trimming and cutting underneath things. While a Sickle Bar Mower is primarily used for cutting hay, I hope you've seen some of their other uses of this versatile mower. Check out for this and other Maschio products! Don't forget that by using coupon code TTWT at checkout, you'll save 5% off your entire purchase.
tractor lover gift ideas

Christmas Gift Ideas

Here is a list of interesting and useful gifts for your tractor-holic. If you haven't seen the associated video, take a look at it here...
Single Point Connector Closeup

Single Point Connector for Deere Subcompact Tractors 1025r & 1023e

If you've been wishing for a single point hydraulic connector for your 1025r, wish no more! You can get yours from Green Parts...

Loader Mounted Receiver Hitch

We often need to move our trailer around in the yard, or put it into the shed for storage or maintenance.   We have...
Edge Tamer

Edge Tamer System

By now, you've probably noticed my fondness for products which solve a specific problem today, and can also be extended to solve additional problems...

Kubota BX vs. Deere 1025R – Round 2 – Mower Operation

After taking a close look at the mower in Round 2, we're now ready to do some actual mowing tests.As with prior rounds, the...
Heavy Hitch Toothbar - tractor steroids

Heavy Hitch Toothbar – Tractor Steriods

Ok, so you've got your new compact or sub-compact tractor with front-end loader.   Of course, the first thing you want to do is...

First experience with a Box Blade

Today I had the chance to attach a 5 foot box blade to Johnny (our John Deere 1025R).There is a crushed stone parking lot...
John Deere 260B Hydraulic Thumb

Hydraulic Thumb for Deere 260B, 270B, and 370B backhoes

Deere has introduced a Hydraulic Thumb for its small compact/subcompact tractor backhoes. While several folks have fabricated their own hydraulic thumbs, to my...

Choose the Right Tiller for Your Compact Tractor

 One of my favorite attachments for Johnny, our subcompact tractor is our rear roto-tiller. When I first got it, I didn't expect to use...
Frontier 3 point snowblower

1-Series Snow Removal Options

After spending your grand-kid's inheritance on your new sub-compact tractor, it makes sense to consider how you can use it for snow removal.The question...

Muddin with Matt (260 Backhoe digging trenches)

One afternoon last week, Tim txt'ed me that we had a project for Johnny at a co-workers house that evening. Once again I thought...
John Deere 60d mower deck

Deere 54D/60D Mid Mount Mower Belt Replacement

While mowing down our corn stalks last year, I had the brilliant idea of "backing up" over the stalks that I had just mowed...
Deere 1025r Anti-scalp roller

Deere 54D/60D Center Anti-Scalp Roller

One obvious missing feature on the 54D/60D auto-connect decks is the center anti-scalp roller. Almost all mower decks of this size have center rollers.Before...

Mower Blades for 54D and 60D mowers (1023e, 1025r, and 1026r)

I'm providing some quick links below for purchasing mower blades from    Use coupon code TTWT at that link to get Free Shipping. If...