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A Guide to Tractor Enthusiast Gift Ideas

This video was created for Christmas 2022 but you can still find great ideas for unique tractor gifts!

Whether you’re shopping for yourself or looking for the perfect gift for a friend or loved one, exploring exciting and innovative gift ideas for tractor enthusiasts is always a great idea. One of the most delightful sources of inspiration for tractor lovers is the annual Christmas gift ideas showcase on “Tractor Time with Tim.” From new merchandise to practical tools, this episode never fails to bring smiles to tractor enthusiasts everywhere.

Introducing New Tractor Merchandise with a Twist

“Tractor Time with Tim” has teamed up with a small, family-run merchandise provider based in Wyoming. The new merchandise line boasts improved quality and fresh designs that are sure to delight fans. One unique feature is the option for customization. Instead of being limited to the standard “Tractor Time with Tim” branding, customers can now choose to personalize their items with names like “Tractor Time with Grandpa” or “Tractor Time with Christy.” This playful twist allows fans to have fun with their own family and add a touch of personality to their gear.

Visit our site for customized merch!

Lube Shuttle: A Game-Changer in Grease Management

One of the standout products for tractors is the Lube Shuttle, a specialized grease gun that offers a new level of convenience. Its unique design allows for easy tube replacement and customization. You can watch our TTWT YouTube video for more information.

An exclusive offer through Tractor Time with Tim includes a free case of high-quality mos2 grease with the purchase of the electric Lube Shuttle. This special offer is accessible through a link provided in the episode description, making it an enticing opportunity for viewers.

Use code TTWTMOS2 to get this free case of grease with purchase of the electric Lube Shuttle grease gun. Use code TTWT for 5% off all other Lube Shuttle purchases.

Snow Removal Enhancement Gift Idea

For those seeking improved efficiency in snow removal, we discuss the latest version of Edge Tamers in our video. The new cast version offers more strength and cost-effectiveness than the others which were welded. It’s a great addition to your tractor for snow removal.

Use promo code TTWT for a 5% discount of Edge Tamers!

ISOtunes Noise Isolating Bluetooth Hearing Protection

Coupon code TTWT provides a 10% off coupon code for all ISOtunes products. ISOtunes offers both “in the ear” and “over the ear” isolation from loud noises such as tractor engines and attachments.

My favorites are the Xtra 2.0, and the Free 1.0. However, the code applies to ALL models. Check them out!

120R Loader Dolly from Deck Dolly

From the folks at Deck Dolly, introducing this quite unique item: the Loader Dolly. You put these two under the front of your 120R non-self-leveling loader, and then you put this under the crossbar, and that way when you unhook the loader, you can slide it around easily. This is an impressive, simple kit to make your loader move around very nicely.

Again, use code TTWT for 5% off!

Promo code for tractor products

Mudd’s Customs Deck Stands

We recommend the deck stands from Mudd’s Customs, which make storing your mower easier. These stands are versatile, and I recommend that the deck stands be used in combination with the Load and Go system.

You can get the deck stands with a 5% discount using the code TTWT at Mudd’s Customs.

The Load and Go are available at GreenPartStore.com with FREE ECONOMY SHIPPING using the coupon code TTWT.

Here are links to the appropriate Load and Go for your particular tractor/deck:

1023E/1025R/1026R 60D All Model Years
2025R 2017+ 60D
2025R 60D must also order this!
1025R 54D 2020+
2025R 54D 2017+

Agristore USA Hydraulic Top Link

A hydraulic top link makes for an excellent gift idea for tractor enthusiasts. While I’ve previously discussed a similar Hydraulic Top Link product on my YouTube channel, I had reservations due to a few issues, with the primary concern being the absence of a check valve. However, the hydraulic top link I recommend from Agristore USA addresses this issue.

This Italian-made product features a check valve, which ensures there’s no gradual leakage over time.

It’s available at Agristore USA and can be further discounted with the code “TTWT.

Loader Payload Estimate with HydrosPlus Inline Oil Pressure Gauge

HydrosPlus, the company behind this next innovative product, places a high value on its early customers and continually enhances its offerings, fostering a unique and rewarding partnership.

For the geek tractor operators, I’d like to introduce a fascinating product: an inline oil pressure gauge designed for your loader. Using this gauge, you can get a rough estimate of the weight you are carrying in your loader bucket. What sets this product apart is its evolving functionality. While it currently provides oil pressure data, it’s undergoing development to offer even more precise weight measurements. Early adopters of this product will benefit from ongoing upgrades as it evolves.

Order from HydrosPlus and use the code TTWT for 5% off.

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These are my favorite episodes to put together, so please consider subscribing to learn what new tractor offers we have for you during the upcoming holiday season! Whether it’s personalized merchandise, cutting-edge tools, or accessories that enhance tractor functionality, this episode showcases a diverse array of thoughtful gifts that are sure to spread joy to tractor enthusiasts around the world.

My product recommendations encompass a variety of tractor accessories and tools that can significantly enhance the efficiency and enjoyment of your tractor. For additional discount opportunities, please read the description in the YouTube video!

Disclosure: Please be aware that the promo codes and deals mentioned in this article may no longer be active or valid at the time of your reading. Companies often update their promotions and discounts, so we recommend visiting the respective websites for the most up-to-date information on any offers or discounts mentioned in this article.

Tim Marks
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