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Protect Your Tractor Radiator: A Guide to Installing Brush Guards

An area of your tractor that can be vulnerable to costly damages is its front end, especially the radiator. A minimal investment into brush guards can prevent expensive repairs to your coolant system and headlights, while preventing dents and scratches to your tractor’s grill and front clip. Brush guards can be installed with relative ease and keep your tractor in good condition.

The Importance of Tractor Brush Guards

Brush guards are a critical addition to your tractor. They provide both the machine and the operator protection from rough terrain or debris you may encounter. Protect your compact tractor’s radiator, coolant system, and headlights and prevent damage to the grill and front clip with a brush guard.

Tractor Time with Tim has found a great solution to protect your tractor by way of the creative ingenuity of the team at 5 Eleven DesignZ from southern Michigan. Order now with the promo code TTWT to get 5% off! 5 Eleven DesignZ produce high quality tractor accessories via their CNC laser cut American steel and powder coating process. Their accessories are designed for multiple series of John Deer, Kubota, and Kioti tractors.

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Step-by-Step Tractor Brush Guard Installation Instructions

Installation of your new brush guard from 5 Eleven DesignZ is relatively easy to install. The average installation takes approximately 30 minutes. Hardware for mounting the brush guard is included.

John Deere Brush Guard Installation

The 5 Eleven DesignZ John Deere kit includes 4- ¼”x1” stainless steel button head screws, washers, and nylon lock nuts. For completing the installation on your John Deere it will be necessary to have the follow tools on hand:

  • Spring clamps
  • Permanent marker
  • Center punch
  • Hammer
  • 1/8” drill bit
  • 1/4” drill bit
  • Drill
  • 7/16” wrench or 7/16” socket wrench
  • 5/32” allen wrench
  1. Dry fit the 5 Eleven guard.
  2. Use spring clamps to hold the unit in place.
  3. Mark each side through the oval shaped holes with a permanent marker.
  4. Use center punch each on marks.
  5. Drill pilot hole followed by the ¼” bit
  6. Use hardware to fasten the brush guard to the frame and slightly snug the screws.
  7. Pivot brush guard and use clamps to hold in place.
  8. Repeat steps 3 through 7 for the lower mounting holes.

Kubota LX3310 Brush Guard Installation

The 5 Eleven DesignZ Kubota installation hardware includes 2- 3/8”x1” stainless steel button head screws, washers, and nylon lock nuts. The Kubota requires a slightly different installation than the John Deere and requires a few other tools for mounting your new brush guard. You will need:

  • Wrenches/sockets to remove for lower pivot bolt hardware
  • Spring clamps
  • Permanent marker
  • Center punch
  • Hammer
  • 1/8” and 3/8” drill bits
  • Drill
  • 9/16” wrench or socket
  • 7/32” Allen wrench
  1. Remove each of the nuts and washers from the large pivot bolts at the bottom on each side of the factory brush guard.
  2. Place the 5 Eleven guard into the factory brush guard with the 5 Eleven emblem facing forward.
  3. Line up mounting flanges and push large pivot bolts back through the frame and new mounting flange.
  4. Realign the brush guard
  5. Mark each oval hole in mounting flanges with permanent marker.
  6. Use a center punch on your marks.
  7. Drill pilot hole followed by the 3/8” bit.
  8. Return the 5 Eleven brush guard back into position so mounting flanges are aligned.
  9. Use hardware to fasten the brush guard to the frame and slightly snug the screws.
  10. Tighten the lower frame bolts.

Fixing Brush Guard for Tractor Issues

One person should be able to install a tractor brush guard on their own, but a second pair of hands may be helpful when lining up and marking the tabs. Your brush guard can pose a few additional challenges to troubleshoot when installing.

Kubota owners: when mounting your brush guard be sure it does not rub on any of the existing parts of your tractor. It may be helpful to keep the brush guard a bit more forward to clear your grill.

As for the John Deere installation: an extra set of hands may be helpful as you line up your brush guard to mark your pilot holes. Another way to circumvent this issue would be to remove the factory brush guard, and place the entire unit on your workbench or vise to line up the tabs for drilling. Adding front end weights may require alteration as the factory weight holding bar is inaccessible with the brush guard installed.

Don’t forget that when you order your brush guards from 5 Eleven DesignZ, use the promo code TTWT for 5% off!


The brush guards from 5 Eleven DesignZ are easy to install, add excellent protection, and simply just look good. The next time you hook in your grapple and complete some aggressive operating, a brush guard install could save you significant repairs and costly damage if debris were to make into your front end, especially the vulnerable radiator.

We look forward to providing you with additional resources for your compact tractors. Please don’t forget to subscribe to our YouTube channel! As a final reminder, use the code TTWT at checkout when ordering your 5 Eleven DesignZ brush grills for John Deere or Kubota tractors.

Disclosure: Please be aware that the promo codes and deals mentioned in this article may no longer be active or valid at the time of your reading. Companies often update their promotions and discounts, so we recommend visiting the respective websites for the most up-to-date information on any offers or discounts mentioned in this article.

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