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Why I chose the 1-series (1025R) instead of the x700 Signature Series

When I first began to catch ‘tractor fever’ for real, I was attracted to the Deere x700 series.  I felt that it would be big enough to use for fun, yet small enough that I MIGHT be able to justify it to Christy.   Looking solely online at specifications, other users comments and opinions, seemed to confirm my thinking.   The all-wheel steer models were attractive to me for mowing, and until this point, I figured mowing would be 95% of my seat time.

I DID want to consider a loader.  There were a few videos of the Deere 45 loader in action on the 700 series. Specifically one showing the x739 with all wheel steer.     I soon learned that the 45 loader had been discontinued, dampening this thinking somewhat.  However, I found an aftermarket loader for the x700 series, so I wasn’t totally out of options in this area.

I also dreamed of having a rear mounted tiller.  Again, a youtube video reinforced the possibilities on this.  Clearly the x700 series had enough horsepower to run the 4 ft tillers. It would also lift the tiller high enough to get it out of the ground, but just barely.

At this time, I hadn’t even considered the 1-Series.  Obviously it was more tractor than I needed, so I didn’t even give it a thought.

One visit to the local JD dealer changed all of that for me.   When I saw the 700 series and the 1-series side by side.   I began to realize that perhaps I COULD use the 1-series, even on my small property.   The physical size was not nearly as intimidating as I had expected.

On a whim, Christy and I stopped at another JD dealer and drove a 1025R around the parking lot.  We were specifically interested in the turning radius.  A specification doesn’t really help one to get a feel for the turning radius.    Christy drove around in a circle two or three times,  backed up, moved forward, moved forward only an inch or so (to determine how easy it was to control), then hopped off and said “I can mow with that”.

What a wife!

I share this story because it is the same story I have heard over and over from other 1-series owners.  They went to the dealership to buy a large lawn mower, and eventually came home with a 1-series.



  1. Bill,
    Seems like it was $1200 difference if I remember.
    The biggest reason is the ‘position control’ on the 3 point hitch.
    This is pretty major in my opinion. You can set the 3 point to a specific height and return to that same height easily. The 1023e does not have this feature.
    Next is the 2-3 extra horsepower. No way I wanted to give up any horsepower. I would buy a 28-30hp if the EPA hadn’t made this impractical.
    Next is the better seat, and the rubber floorboard and nice fender covers.
    Overall, I couldn’t see spending so much money, then getting ‘2nd best’.
    I suspect 1025r’s outsell 1023e’s by 5-1…and this would be odd, because typically, the higher priced item sells less volume.
    Just my opinions. Folks who have the 1023e seem thrilled.

    • Hello Tim
      When you look at it that way it makes sense to go for the 1025r, I enjoy your you tube videos and insight keep up the good work.
      Sorry about the double post not sure if first one went thru.


  2. Yes, I have it setup so that I have to approve comments. If I don’t, I get many spam comments.
    I approve all comments which appear to be directed specifically at our site. I delete the comments which are spam…hitting every website they can fine.
    I know you’ll enjoy your tractor, whichever you choose.

  3. Tim, I’ve just begun the arduous process of researching sub compact tractors and so far i keep coming back to the 1025r. It seems to be all the tractor i would need for a long time. I’ve been following/watching your YouTube videos and they are great, fun, and very informative. Thank you for that. Would you share maybe the hours you have on your tractor and maybe some of the mechanical/hydraulic issues you may have had? You seem to use your tractor quite a bit and i would like to know some honest feedback on the quality of this tractor. Thanks in advance. Troy – Louisiana

  4. I am with Tim
    My wife our son and myself went to John Deere dealer up near CrownPoint IN looked at both tractors 1023e/1025r for around $1300-$1500 extra we went with 1025r glad we did we bought used tractors in the past JD 445 & a 455 both real nice tractors but no comparison to the 1025r got the front bucket 60”deck and the quick hitch. Also bought the King Kutter XB rear tiller from Blaine’s farm and fleet on sale for $1300 and some change. As far as the deck hydraulic kit I don’t have a need for it but to each his own.
    Tim I also enjoy your YouTube videos thank you for making them when seen the King Kutter XB on the back of your it sold me .

    • The only issue I had with the KK XB was the lack of quick hitch compatibility. I modified it as shown in one of our videos. So that is no longer an issue.

  5. Tim, Looking back, if you had known when you bought Johnny that you would have been using it this much working for other people, would you have bought a bigger tractor? How much bigger would you have gone up to? 2025? 2032? Thank you in advance for your reply.


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