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Tim’s New Favorite Adjustable Pliers

A year or so ago, I received a set of adjustable pliers as a Christmas gift.
At first glance, they looked like a simple pair of ‘water pump’ (tongue & groove) pliers. However, after a closer look, I realized that the joint was made differently than traditional water pump pliers. First, it is locking. No more slippling and sliding between grooves when you apply pressure. Second, it provides many more ‘notches’ allowing the pliers to be adjusted to precisely the right size necessary for the task.

adjustable pliers

The jaws are narrow so that the pliers can reach into tight places. This somewhat ‘petite’ form results in a lightweight easy to handle tool.

I never thought I would be bragging on a pair of pliers. They are just pliers right?

Upon researching these pliers online, I found that they are made for Craftsman by Knipex.  At the time of this writing, the only 7 inch Craftsman version is MUCH more expensive than the Knipex version.  However, the combo 7 & 10 inch price on the Craftsman is not so bad.   So, I’ll include both links here.   I know they are not cheap, but I believe you will like these pliers!

I’d appreciate it if you would purchase via the links below.  This doesn’t cost you any extra, and it helps to support Tractor Time with Tim.   We really appreciate it.







  1. I am a retired teacher/mechanic and I love my10” Knipex cobra plyers. I bought all the menfolk in the family a pair one Christmas years ago. Have been enjoying your videos…thanks. I just adopted “Johnny’s” twin sibling last week.

    • Congratulations on the new tractor. I’m sure you will love it.

      Never thought I would get excited over a set of pliers, but these things really ARE nice!

  2. Just ordered the Knipex pliers. Looking forward to using them.

    Found your vids while researching purchase of a new SCUT. Found your vids very informative and useful. I was leaning towards the Kioti SE until following your vids. Now trying to make up my mind between the JD 1023e and the 1025R. Like the features of the R but are they worth the extra$ for me? Decision time approaching.

    I put together a spreadsheet comparing the ‘Bota BX family, the JD 1 family, and the Kioti Se family. The $ for similarly equipped units came out: Kubota BX2380 – $16,200 with FEL & 60″ drive over belly mower; Kioti CS 2510 – $15,213.00 with FEL and 60″ belly mower, JD 1023e – $14,700.00 with Quick attach FEL, 60″ drive over mower. Of course all are plus IN sales tax. Decision, decision, decision. Oh my.

    Now looking at the JD 20 bushel 3-point hitch MCS for the 1 family. That was sticker shock too.

    Currently have 2 JD 345’s one a 1995 model (bought in 1996) that have since added a soft cab in 2010, wheel weights, liquid filled ag-tires, and 48 inch snow blower for winter use.

  3. Oops, forgot to add the second JD 345 was purchased used in 2011 with the 519C cart and PowerFlo50 grass catcher system. Converted the cart to an electric dump so I don’t have to get off tractor between loads.

  4. Hi Tim,
    Love your channel. You were a big help in helping me decide on buying the heavy hitch and the big tool rack for my 1023e.
    Had a question regarding servicing and tools. Do you know if there as someone who makes a tool kit that includes everything required for routine maintenance ie essential oils etc. If not a whole kit something that come close? Do you know of a list existing of every tool I would need to work on everything as well as sizes of sockets etc. It would be a huge help if I have to piece it together.

    Greenwich, CT

    • That would be a great idea! A tool set with everything necessary to maintain your 1-series.
      Maybe i’ll do a video on this topic.
      Start with a metric socket set and a metric set of end wrenches. If you can afford, get SAE sockets and end wrenches as well.
      Up to 21mm or more.
      There are some larger bolts on attachments.
      For that, you need a 3/4 inch drive socket set and large adjustable wrench.
      The 3/4 inch drive socket set is on my amazon store.

  5. Love your channel and love the 7” pliers.
    What do you use to carry them on your belt? The traditional plier pouch will not work.

    • I use carpenter jeans. I have tried several pouches on the belt, but I don’t like any of them.
      Having said that, I CAN get them to fit into several pouches. My problem is that I want to carry a screwdriver as well. i cannot get BOTH to fit.

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