Thursday, September 28, 2023
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My Yard is Too small for My Tractor

We often tease about having too much tractor for our “less than 1/2 acre” property.

Obviously, we don’t need our 1025R on our property, but hey, we get a lot of fun out of it!

We love both of these commercials, illustrating the same absurdity. Enjoy!

…plows your garden in 4.5 seconds!

Tim Marks
Tim Marks
Compact Tractor Lover. Rural Lifestyle Enthusiast. Tractor Time with Tim on YouTube. Married to Christy for over 31 years. We love showing tractors, attachments, maintenance, storage ideas, and our daily activities around our 10 acre property. We also do some contract tractor work, and significant amount of charity projects.


  1. We’re getting ready to build a new house on a 1 acre lot and wondered if the series 1 would be too much for that small of property. We want to do more than just now! What do you think?

    • I have 1/2 acre. Do you need any more answer than that?? 🙂 Also, there is an active discussion about this very topic on I recommend you joining in on that discussion.

  2. Hahahah! The best! I have about 3 acres and some times I think the 1025r is a bit of overkill and then I use it and I say..Not!

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