Ken Wants a 1025R

We first met Ken early in 2017.  He contacted us via letting us know that he lived very close to us.    As we talked, he mentioned that he would love to have 1025R.    Of course, we loved hearing that, and thought that we might be able to convince him that he would indeed have sufficient use to justify a subcompact tractor.

So, we invited him over to the TTWT studios to take a look first hand and discuss our experiences with the tractor.    That first video is here:

As time passed, we have grown closer to Ken and his wife.   Every so often, Ken reaches out to ask for help with another project around his property.    Right after we received Casey (the Case CX17C mini excavator provided to us by Case Construction), Ken let us know that he had the perfect job for it!

Ken had a large tree taken down several years before.  While the stump didn’t really bother him, the plethora of roots protruding above the ground were quite difficult to mow over.  So,  Casey paid a visit to take care of this nuisance.

While there, Casey tried to remove the entire stump.   You’ll have to see the results for yourself in this video:

During that visit, we realized that Ken’s finance committee was going to be difficult to convince to purchase a 1025R.  But hey, we haven’t stopped trying.

Recently, Ken asked us to help him with a perfect “Johnny Project”.   He needed to remove a clothesline post, dig out the concrete, and prepare a location to store his trash cans.    He explains the details much better than we can, but this video really shows the versatility of a sub-compact tractor for small residential projects.

We are incredibly thankful that we have been able to get to know Ken.     We can truly call him a “friend of TTWT”.   We hope you’ve enjoyed the videos so far with Ken. If so, leave him a comment below.  Encouraging words are like a honeycomb. Sweet to the soul, and healing to the bones!


  1. Im sorry. But i like orange better. Its still a long off dream, but i got nothing else to do. I had a gr2110, but somebody like it more than i. One day ill get a bx.

  2. Tim,
    Been following you on Youtube for a few years. Love the tips and products and bought some from Heavy Hitch and others. But, I bought a Kubota BX 1870 because that is all I thought I needed or that my finance committee would agree to. In the process of selling it privately now after one year and am looking at a BX23S or JD 1025 TLB. I found from your channel that there are more aftermarket accessories for the JD than Kubota. Can I ask if you know of reasons the Kubota BX is still preferred to the JD based on your extensive experience with JD and tractors in general? Thanks, I really value your honest opinion and Christian values. Chez

    • Kubota created the subcompact tractor. Deere was slow to enter the space, using Rebranded yanmar tractors for years. The 1023/5 are the first subcompact with extensive Deere engineering.
      For me, the drive over auto-connect deck is a major point.

      You won’t go wrong with either Kubota or Deere.

  3. Hey Tim, I got a question for you. If you could narrow it down, which attachment do you use the most? I wanted to buy a mini excavator a long time ago and a friend told me to buy a commercial mower instead. His logic was there’s more grass that needs to be cut then having holes dug. Never got the mini excavator. But you have a very profitable business with your tractor and attachments. He was wrong. Thank you.

    • Quite frankly, you see most of our work in our videos. So, you should be able to make that judgement for yourself.
      Hard to say which ONE attachment, but you can see the group of attachments that I ‘go to’ most frequently.

  4. Hi Tim, I met you and your wife at the Work Truck Show this week. I enjoyed meeting both and your wife. Hey, I’d like to pick your brain a little more about starting a small business in my area using my tractor and attachments. Would be willing to exchange emails with some pointers ?

  5. I would like to see a video comparing the 1025R with the 1023E. Both were in my shopping list, as was a Kubota. I found that John Deere is very misleading in its ads and makes it nearly impossible to accurately compare the various Deere models. The dealer was no help, as they do not really seem to be interested in selling tractors (here in Hawaii). I ended up buying a new 1023E from Washington Tractor Ellensburg, WA and shipping it to Honolulu. I found that a lot of features that I was led by John Deere to believe are common on both the 1023 and the 1025 are only available on the 1025.
    Thus it would be helpful to have an honest comparison of the differences between the two.

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