Huh? What Did You Say? Bluetooth Hearing Protection for Your Compact Tractor!


Many of the tractors and other equipment we use tend to make noise. While we were reluctant to promote a headset on our channel at first, after using the ISOtunes noise isolating headsets on a few of our projects we were convinced. Having the ability to listen to music or answer a phone call all while protecting our hearing helped us to be more productive. As a result, we’ve partnered with ISOtunes to offer you a special deal.

By using using the link above and entering special code TTWT at checkout you will receive $10.00 off per pair of ISOtunes that you order.

So many options… how to choose?

ISOtunes offers a number of variations, from wired to wireless. Each headset includes 3 sizes of the sound deadening tips so you can ensure you have the correct size for your needs.

ISOtunes Xtra headset product image

My favorites and the ones you’ll see me wearing most often in our videos are the ISOtunes® Xtra. With as often as I need to take them out to communicate with the customer or to communicate with Christy, I find the combination of the cord and the magnet help me from losing them! The magnets serve a dual purpose by allowing you to stop your music or answer a call. The ISOtunes® Xtra are Bluetooth 4.1.

The other headset I enjoy are the ISOtunes® FREE. The earbud style wireless headset doesn’t bother the back of my neck on particularly hot and humid days. If you don’t find yourself needing to take them in and out as we do in our videos, then these could be the ones for you. Christy enjoys these when she’s cleaning around the house. The ISOtunes® FREE are Bluetooth 5.0 and have an impressive 7+ hour talk/music play time and 120 hours of standby.

ISOtunes FREE headset product image


Folks, these ISOtunes noise isolating headsets are well made and come from an Indiana based company. They offer Noise Reduction Ratings (NRR) from 22 to 27 to protect you from hearing loss. Some folks may not find the audio quite loud enough. Usually this is the result of the earbuds not fully sealing the outside noise. Pick up a pair of these for yourself or better yet get a pair for your loved one. They make excellent Birthday, Father’s Day ( Mother’s day too!), Christmas, Anniversary… basically any occasion you can think of… gift!


  1. Ok. Thanks. I forgot that you promoted them. I was just researching all the headsets out there and was leaning towards those. Then I saw a picture of you wearing them and I remembered. “Oh yeah! Those are the ones Tim wears!” Haha. That sealed the deal for me. Excited to try them. Love your channel. I grew up on a potato farm and now I have to either watch your channel or rent a tractor and push some dirt around just to get my fix.

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