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Christmas Gift Ideas

Here is a list of interesting and useful gifts for your tractor-holic.
If you haven’t seen the associated video, take a look at it here for the introduction:

Here is the list of items discussed in the video.

Deere Deluxe Spinner Knob

First up is the nicest looking spinner knob I’ve ever seen.

Spinner knobs are not common on automobiles, although they were sometimes used many years ago with manual steering. In those cases, it took many turns of the wheel to make a tight turn. Now, refined power steering optimizes the steering to make it work smoothly and simply.

The 1023e/1025r power steering works well too. However, a spinner is useful in many scenarios where quick turning is required. For instance, mowing around obstacles requires lots of quick turning to be efficient.

Some folks don’t find the spinner useful, and perhaps even find it to be in the way. Having grown up with them on every tractor we had, I find it hard to do without one.

I used to recommend a “prettier” knob.  However, over time, these have proven to be difficult to install, as well as to keep attached.   While this knob is not quite as attractive, it WORKS.  It installs on any steering wheel that I have tried, and it has been reliable for the long term.

Be sure to add code TTWT when placing your order to receive free shipping. You can use this code for ALL purchase at, providing a very nice discount.

Buy at

Differential Lock Pedal

Why didn’t Deere include a pedal on the differential lock rod from the factory? Many folks smarter than me have asked this question. Presumably, they left it off purely for cost savings.

Differential Lock Pedal

In any case, while not a requirement, this is a nice enhancement to your 1023E, 1026R, or 1025R.

This item is $40 plus shipping. You can purchase it from Ken’s Bolt On Hooks

Heavy Duty Seat Springs

“Every time I hit a bump, the seat bottoms out, jarring my back!”

Many of us are having the same experience. Thankfully, there is a remedy. These upgraded seat springs (now zinc plated) are only $30 for a set (2 springs).

Installation is easy, as detailed here:

Receiver Hitch Drawbar

Another feature nearly forgotten on the 1-series is the drawbar.  The flat plate with a hole in it is much more like a garden tractor than a real tractor.    The heavy hitch 2-inch receiver hitch drawbar plate fixes this.  Not only can you attach a drawbar, but you can also use any other 2-inch receiver compatible hitch.  For instance, you can use a trailer hitch ball for hooking to a trailer.

If you already have a Heavy Hitch, you are probably thinking that you will hook your trailer to it.   While this is fine for short distance moving, it presents problems in some situations.    The 3-point hitch is not ‘fixed’ vertically.  It can go up at any time without notice.  So, if your trailer becomes back-heavy, putting an upward force on the tongue, the 3 point hitch will go upward, potentially dumping your load, or worse.

Imagine this situation if you are hauling your grand-kids on a hay ride.  All of the sudden, the trailer tongue raises unexpectedly.   This could spoil the fun immediately.

The Heavy Hitch receiver plate solves that problem, as well as several other annoying issues when pulling trailers or other small implements.


$94 (with the TTWT discount) from Heavy Hitch


Ok, Christy just laughs at me for this one. Admittedly in our small yard it is overkill. However, if you have a long driveway, dragging the trash can back and forth can be an annoyance, and if really full, it can be tiring.

Enter the ‘Hitch-N-Can’.

This little device changes an annoying chore into “tractor time”.
Less that $47 with the TTWT coupon code.

Oh, and they now have a ‘dual adapter’ so you can haul two at once. Now I’m jealous. I’ll have to get one of those!

Heavy Hitch Hitch-N-Can

Front Quick Hitch Weight Bracket

The value of the Heavy Hitch is its versatility. Unlike the uni-tasker ballast box, the heavy hitch supports many functions. One key component of this versatility is the removable 42lb (or 70lb) weights.

Why not make this system even more versatile by allowing those weights to be used on the front of the tractor?
If you have the quick hitch installed, this is difficult because the QH bracket is in the way of the standard John Deere front weight bracket.

The Heavy Hitch front weight bracket turns that challenge into a feature, using the quick hitch as its mounting point. So, this bracket can be easily attached or removed as needed. You can use the same 42lb (or 70lb) weights you already have.

Lots of flexibility for $142 (after the TTWT discount).
Here is the link: Heavy Hitch Front Weight Bracket

Heavy Hitch Storage Cart

One more item for your consideration. I love my Heavy Hitch (as if you haven’t already figured that out). However, I haven’t talked much about the storage cart I got along with it. Without this cart, I’m not sure I would be as pleased with the purchase. The cart makes the solution much more flexible. The Heavy Hitch is easier to attach/detach because of the cart. It is more portable and easier to store because of the cart.


The price seemed high at first, but now that I have it, I would not be without it.

Get your Heavy Hitch Cart here: Heavy Hitch Cart


Face it, the tractor lover in your life doesn’t want a Tie. He doesn’t want any of that stuff advertised on TV. He wants new gadgets for his tractor. While this list is incomplete, hopefully it can provide a starting point for your Christmas shopping.


  1. Hey Tim, I was wondering which 3 in 1 trailer tow hitch did you get? The normal or the extended? Just wondering which would work best when pulling my sprayer. Thanks

    • I think I got the extended. I liked it because it got the sprayer back far enough from the tractor that I could leave the quick hitch on.
      Thanks for your comment.

      • Thanks. Just placed the order. Got the diff lock pedal as well. Really enjoyed the video. If you can think of anything else I can’t live without (lol) make another gift video.

  2. Tim , I’m buying a 2018 1025R w/cab (mauser) and a few attachments, 60″ mower, loader, 54″ snow blower 48″ cutter and tiller. I have too tell you that your videos made my purchase a ” I can’t wait till it gets here”, watching your projects and seeing how well this tractor works has me wishing it was here now. Please keep up the great work you are doing, God Bless.

  3. Hi Tim,
    I took delivery on my first John Deere sub-compact (1025R) in April 2018 (Previously had Kubotas). Your videos and insight have proved invaluable in learning the tractor and implements/attachments available for it. I purchased the JD deluxe spinner knob (P/N TY26583) and am having problems installing it so that it is perpendicular to the wheel and not tilting inward. The mounting hole is oval which makes it tilt. I have even tried the rubber strips and still cannot get a tight perpendicular fit.
    Any comments/suggestions would be appreciated.
    Keep up the good work.

      • Hi,i also bought JD Spinner it does not seem to built for 1025R wheel i stripped out the metal insert but am trying to save it now with longer screws ,we shall see !

        • Understood. Those nuts embedded in the spinner are very soft. They are insufficient.
          I think I’m gonna be forced to change my recommendation for spinner knobs. I love the LOOK of this one, but the construction simply isn’t good enough.

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