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Dump Trailer At The Dump

We’ve already found some interesting uses of our dump trailer. When considering buying something like this, one usually thinks of soil, rock, etc. However, many other scenarios can benefit from a dumping trailer.

Just like the front end loader, or backhoe on a tractor, the hoist on a trailer provides a useful general purpose tool which helps with all kinds of projects.

In this video, you’ll see how we were able to use the dump trailer to avoid unloading a bunch of heavy carpet rolls and other junk from the trailer.

Growing up on a farm, my dad has always had a Ford F350 with a dump bed on it. We have used the dump bed for countless tasks. Now, living in the city, I can’t justify a dump truck, and it would be too tall for Johnny to dump on anyway, so a dump trailer seems like the best compromise.

Red Ford F350 Dump Bed

Dump Trailers are not cheap, licensing is not cheap either, and my storage space is limited. So, for me, I needed to combine all of my trailer needs into a single trailer. This is the reason for the custom built “dumping car-hauler”.

I think I will be very happy with this trailer. Of course, I’ve already found things I would do differently, but that is simply part of learning.

If you are interested in such a trailer, contact Brad at D&K Trailers He can help you out.


  1. My wife and I live on a lot of property and we have been looking for something to be able to haul, load, and dump things from. Like you mentioned, a dump trailer is good for a lot of different things and it is especially good for rocks, bark, and other heavy things like carpet. I think that because my wife and I so commonly load and haul things it would be a good idea to find something like the dump trailer that can do it all but much more efficiently than any of the other options.

  2. My parents renovated our yard and garage, so, there is lots of debris. It was explained here that dump trailer can be used for a variety of things. Moreover, it’s recommended to go to trusted professionals for dump trailer rental.

  3. I’ve been watching the comparisons on JD and Kubota tractors. I’m glad you produced the episodes. It had helped me with my decision on what tractor is right for me. I’ve also enjoyed the attachment episodes too.
    Thanks for all the work that went into what you have done. It’s really helped me!
    Keep up the good work.
    JC Central Illinois

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