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Greasing (Lubricating) the John Deere 1025R

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If this is your first tractor, you may not have much experience with the concept of greasing.   So, we’ll look into what is necessary to grease your subcompact tractor.  Obviously if you have a different brand, or model, your grease fittings will be in different locations.  However, the concepts are the same.

First, you’ll need a grease gun.   Viewer feedback has recommended a Lincoln brand grease gun such as the one shown to the left. This is the ‘go to’ brand. …and from my experience, this isn’t a place to go cheap!

The pistol grip makes it a one-handed operation to dispense the grease, and it is much more cost effective than the battery powered grease guns.


Next, you’ll need grease. There is lots of debate about brands and types of grease.  For this particular purpose, it probably doesn’t matter too much.  The grease should be ‘multi-purpose’ grease.   I’ve added a link to a suitable tube of grease from Amazon.




One more item which I highly recommend is the “Lock-n-lube” grease coupler. This makes greasing MUCH less frustrating. Just lock it to the grease zerk and lube!

You’ll see the Lock n Lube used extensively in the 1025R lubrication video.    In this video we visit every fitting on the tractor. This includes the steering cylinder, the MFWD shaft, the main drive shaft, and the mid-PTO.

We actually show two different approaches to access the difficult “front u-joint” on the main drive shaft.  First, we show how to access it from the bottom of the tractor, then we show how to access it from the top.  The access from the top takes a bit more time, but provides much better access to the universal joint.

Update: Several experienced tractor owners replied in the comments section with a better method of greasing the main rear drive shaft u-joint. They mentioned that by using a ‘needle grease tip’ that this fitting can be greased from below. Makes perfect sense to me. I will provide a video update on this when I next grease the tractor (after I get MY needle tip).
Here is a link to a needle tip.
If you use this one, I would suggest a second grease gun so that you don’t have to change the tip.

Another viewer recommended a longer hose which allows the grease gun to be placed on the floor. Here is a link to such a hose:

I hope you enjoy the video.





  1. Look at this kit at GFP. It will solve a lot of your greasing issues. It’s like a grease needle but with helpful friends.John Deere 7 Piece Quick Connector Grease Kit TY26631


    • Adam,

      I see your point, but I believe both of these are the same grease gun. The 1134 appears to have the rigid pipe as well as the 18″ whip.
      Make sense?

    • Ok, I read some reviews which do indicate that there is a difference, and that 1134 has several better features.
      I will update this link to the 1134.

      • I forgot to turn on notifications for this comment…yeah, both numbers seem valid. Maybe some commenters ran into an illegitimate 3rd party seller on Amazon or something.

    • Thanks Chris. Let us know here if you like it. (I’m sure you will). There are only a few scenarios where it doesn’t work due to space limitations. VERY FEW.

  2. I figured out a way to use the needle tip without needing 2 guns. I put a zerk on the needle. Then just grab it with the Lock-n-Lube. I’ve only used it once like that, but it seemed to work well.

    BTW, Menards employees will likely suggest you buy an entire pack of zerks from the automotive section. However, at my local Menards anyway you can find singles in the single parts bins above the bolts over in hardware.

  3. I am shocked you did not wipe the DIRT off the grease Zirks before you greased your tractor. I was tought by my Father to wipe the dirt off before you attached the Grease Gun so you did not force the grunge into the equipment you are trying to protect. This was re-in-forced in my years in the Navy working in the Engineering department to clean before greasing. Otherwise I find your Videos very informative.

  4. Not offensive, just surprised you didn’t preform a simple cleaning before greasing. All of your other Videos are of such high quality and very informative I thought you would want to know the correct way to keep the dirt out of the equipment.

  5. Thanks Tim. Just purchased a JD 1023E with 70 hours. Previous owner just used the tractor and did not do the 50 hour service. Your videos made the 50 service easy. thanks again. I have enjoyed your videos. They show me the amazing capability of the 1 Series.

  6. After losing my mind yelling at the dog after getting covered in grease trying to get the two most PIA fittings, I finally bought the right tools for the job through your links. Thanks.
    I think the dog has forgiven me by now.

  7. Wonder where you purchased the long greasing needle used in your video. Ordering information if possible. Thanks Dan

  8. fantastic info. I am a newbie with a 1025R, now at 50hrs… and frustrated with the front end MFWD joint. I will try the video tricks. Thanks all for the tips. Keep the videos coming 🙂

  9. Thanks for the links. Just got my dewalt greaser (already have a 20v set so it made sense to just grab the cordless unit). The links provided will make finding the lock and lube and needle fitting much easier.

  10. Got my LockNLube from Amazon yesterday. Love it. I also need the EL version. If I buy that on Amazon, does that help you out?

  11. You commented in your ‘lubrication’ video that the front drive shaft on the 1025R couldn’t be turned to make the grease fittings more accessible. You probably have found this out by now, but if you put the selector into the 2-wheel drive position and lift he front tires slightly off the ground the shaft turns freely.

  12. Thanks Tim! We just put ten hours on our 1025R and I’m following the book. I think JD needs to get with you and do their app correctly lol

  13. Great video Tim,thanks for taking the time to show us a few new tricks,i own a 2019 1025r John Deere with many attachments and like you i do my own maintenance,thanks again and God Bless.

  14. Tim I just purchased a 2015 2025r JohnDeere with 42 hrs on clock what I really need to find is a step , I see there is one available for later models do know of a source where one cane be purchased ?

  15. Hi, Tim. Thanks for all your videos. I’m expecting delivery of a John Deere 2038, soon. Could you give me a list of the items that you would suggest for effectively greasing my tractor and implements. I’m new at this and all of the options are confusing. I will order whatever you list. Thanks so much.

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