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Hoss Wheel Hoe Disk Harrow Attachment

Even though it’s about 35*F outside, it’s time to start planning for gardening season! That means buying seeds, starting some of them inside, and making sure your garden beds are ready for growing.

Hoss Wheel Hoe Disk Harrow

For us, it means tilling. But sometimes, we have to till well before we’re ready to plant the entire garden. Especially for corn, we might plant half of the garden, and then leave the other half for a couple weeks so that we don’t have like three million ears of corn ready at the same time. So what do we do when we leave just a small part of a garden to be planted later when we can’t fit a tractor there? We attach the disk harrow to our Hoss Wheel Hoe.

The cool part about this specific use of the wheel hoe is that it doesn’t have to dig very deep into the soil to be effective. The two to three inches that this will till is more than enough for most of the things we plant in our garden. Being comparatively shallow also saves us a lot of energy.  More depth = more drag = more effort = less space covered by me = less gardening = less fun. Maybe I can do my master’s thesis on that very equation…

Hoss Wheel Hoe Disk Harrow

Here my dad is using the disk harrow to prepare for planting corn. By placing the wheel at the end of the previously tilled area, we ensure that every part of the garden gets two trips worth of plowing before we start planting. Usually that’s enough for our soil to loosen up, but we are blessed with some incredible soil around here. Right underneath the surface is moist, dark soil.

The design of the disk harrow allows the soil to be raked a different way on each trip through – which helps us make sure the dirt will be a nice, soft bed for the seeds we’re about to plant.


The Disk Harrow is best suited for relatively recently tilled soil.  It does not work well in hard-packed situations, as it tends to pull to the left or right when one side of the disk blades dig in.

If you don’t already have a Hoss Wheel Hoe, I would highly recommend that you get one.  It makes garden planting and tending much easier and more fun.    Click on this image below to get your own wheel hoe.


    • click any link or picture on the page to go to the hoss site. you’ll see all of their pricing there. It is a tremendous product.

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