1023E/1025R/1026R/2025R Service Supplies Quick Links

UPDATE: Apparently, the vendor has disabled these links. You can still use this page to see the full list of part numbers, but the ‘quick add to cart’ at greenfarmparts no longer works.
I am sorry about this, and unfortunately, it is out of my control.


If you need parts for other deere machines, go directly to greenfarmparts. Use the chat feature (if during business hours), and don’t forget to add coupon code TTWT before you checkout.
Go to greenfarmparts

Selecting the links below will add all of the necessary parts to your cart at greenfarmparts.com. It will also add the TTWT coupon code so that you can receive the Tractor Time with Tim discount. It will then redirect you to the greenfarmparts web site where you can complete your order.

While I have done my best to provide accurate information, please double-check the part numbers in your cart before placing your order. I cannot be responsible for an incorrect order.

This is the diagram I used to create the parts list: 1-Series Filter Overview  and 2-Series Filter Overview

Use these links to order all of the parts necessary for the 1023E/1025R/1026R Service Supplies:

Add 1023E/1025R/1026R 50 Hour service parts to cart.

Here are the parts included in the above link:
Hydraulic Oil Filter: LVA16054
Low Viscosity HY-GARD Hydraulic Oil: TY22000 (* 4)

Add 2025R 50 Hour service parts to cart.

Transmission Oil Filter: LVA802810
Hydraulic Oil Filter: AL156625
Low Viscosity HY-GARD Hydraulic Oil: TY22000 (* 4)
Engine Oil Filter: M806418
PLUS 50-II 15W-40 Oil: TY26673 (1 Gallon)

Add 1025R 200 Hour service parts to cart.

Add 1023E/1026R 200 Hour Service Parts to GFP cart

Here are the parts included in the above link:,
Oil Filter: M806418
Hydraulic Oil Filter: LVA16054
Air Filter Primary: M131802 (1023E/1026R: M113621)
Air Filter Secondary: M131803 (1023E/1026R: M123378)

PLUS 50-II 15W-40 Oil: TY26674 (* 3)
Low Viscosity HY-GARD Hydraulic Oil: TY22000 (* 4)
…technically not needed until 400 hours, but highly recommended, and included in the above package:
Inline Fuel Filter: AM116304
Fuel Filter: M801101
Fuel Bowl O-Ring: CH10060

Not included, only necessary if it is broken:
Transmission suction filter: P42061

Link to add optional filter wrench:

Add Filter Wrench to Cart

Filter wrench: TY26639


  1. Where is the O-ring M801034 used? I have already collected the other filters and oils when GFP had a sale in early spring.

    I would also recommend replacing both fuel filters at the 200 hr service. My in-line was plugged at 206 hrs. I know the OM recommends 400 hrs, but since you are under the tractor fighting with the hydraulic suction hose to clean the trans. sump pump screen, you might as well fight the in-line fuel filter.

  2. Good idea on the fuel filters. I can tell that mine are somewhat plugged at 165 hours.
    I have added them to the 200 hour service links.

    I have also split out the 1023E/1026R into a separate link since they take different air filters.

    I will check further on the o-ring, and get back to you here.

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  4. Hi Tim,

    It seems the links aren’t working for me. I click them, and it takes me to an empty cart page.


    • Yes, GFP has disabled the links. I mention this at the top of the article.
      Unless something has happened recently, you can still use the coupon code for the discount, but you have to type it in manually.
      Also, you can get the list of parts from this page.

      I’m sorry about this. There is nothing I can do. I have notified Green Farm Parts repeatedly. They are non-responsive to my requests.

  5. Hi Tim my name is Ron B and I would like to tell you I got a 1023E and rear blade and started to do small jobs like leveling driveways and jest got done with taking out raspberry bushes it does a great job I wanted to let you know. Thanks for all your help and what you do.

  6. Tim,
    Quick tranny question. Total hydraulic/transmission capacity with filter is 13qt. per the manual. I changed mine & filled with 13qts & ran it for a few minutes to make sure there were no leaks. However checking when cold, the stick reads the fluid is just barely to the add mark. What’s your experience with this? Thanks, -Toby

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