Tuesday, November 28, 2023
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New Trailer coming soon…

More details later, but for now, check out D&K Trailers

This is the source of our new “unique” trailer.

I don’t have any pictures which show a trailer exactly like we are getting.
These are somewhat close. We wanted a dump trailer, but we don’t have room for two separate trailers, and we need the features of the low flatbed car hauler type trailer.

Also, we didn’t want the heavy weight of the steel side-walls.

So, D & K Trailers has agreed to make a “dumping car hauler” trailer for us. The pictures below are of a similar trailer that they have made before.


Our trailer will have a steel floor rather than the wood floor shown in the photos.


We will also have drop torsion axles to keep the deck as low as possible.



  1. Hello,
    I have been watching your videos because I am in a similar position you are in with respect to using a compact tractor. I have JD 2305 and I am thinking about buying a KingKutter XB tiller. Your videos are helping me to decide. Wondering if I69 Trailer Center was one of the places you looked at for a customer trailer?

  2. Thanks for the response. I live across from I69 Trailer and have watched their business grow. It saddens me to hear about a local business lost an opportunity to a competitor when the competitor is out of state. I completely respect your choice to go to D & K, just hoping businesses understand the importance of a customer inquiry and would capitalize on that inquiry.

  3. Tim, first of all I love your video’s and website, I have learned so much. I have a 1025 with loader and backhoe, just like you, I just saw the trailer you got Its definitely on my wish list, the only dump trailer I’ve seen in the past were the all steel ones , 2 questions, would you mind sharing approximately how much you paid for that trailer, and 2nd, do you know approximately how much it weighs empty? You did mention it was lightweight on the video. Again thanks again for the videos

    • Vincent,
      We had this trailer custom made. Brad @ http://www.dktrailers.com made it for us. As for pricing, there are MANY options. Basically everything is custom. I would recommend that you call Brad, and refer to my trailer. He will remember it.

      We got a significant discount because of our YouTube presence, so this is another reason that I cannot quote you a accurate price.

      We have never weighed the trailer. Brad estimated 2500 lbs. I suspect it is a bit heavier than that, but I don’t know. The tongue is pretty heavy.

      Is that helpful?

  4. Hey Tim, DK really needs to update their website with a pricing range, did they ever give you one or is the price similar to a dump trailer?

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