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Heavy Hitch Toothbar – Tractor Steriods

Ok, so you’ve got your new compact or sub-compact tractor with front-end loader.   Of course, the first thing you want to do is find something to dig up, right?   Maybe you want to dig out a stump, dig a ‘watering hole’ for deer, who knows. …and frankly, who cares!  I get it, you just want to DIG with your tractor!

Unfortunately, after the first few minutes, you realize that your tractor just isn’t big enough or strong enough to dig like you want it to dig. The bucket doesn’t seem to want to penetrate the hard soil, and the wheels slip, or the engine doesn’t have sufficient power to force the bucket into that hard-packed earth.

Thinking about it, this makes perfect sense.  A 49″ (or 53″ or wider) bucket attempting to penetrate across its entire width at the same instant requires lots of force.      It would be much easier if we had just a few small ‘points’ on the bucket which would penetrate first, then as we continue to push, the soil would be broken loose.    This is exactly the concept behind the Heavy Hitch toothbar.


There are 14 small points (7 teeth each with 2 points) … 6 teeth on the 49″ model.  Each of these teeth is about 1/4″ wide.  It is much easier for the tractor to force this small surface area into the hard-packed earth than a full 53″.

This video illustrates the point.  This crushed stone driveway had been in place for many years, and was packed very tightly.   I now wish I had tried it without the toothbar just for the experimentation, but honestly, I don’t think I could have penetrated it. Before getting the toothbar, I had planned to use the backhoe to break it loose.

So, you can see that it will dig.    As they say in infomercials, “But wait, there’s more…”.      In addition to digging, I had some projects where I needed to clear out some vine-y brush.    This was actually the very first time I had used the toothbar.  As you’ll hear in this video, we were all amazed at how it just reached right in there and grabbed the brush.

Katriel aptly named it “Tractor Steroids”.   It really does make the tractor seem stronger.

At first, I figured a toothbar was much ado about nothing.  Another fancy add-on which would not help the tractor at all.  My experience with it has been just the opposite.  Because of the small size/weight of the tractor, digging without the toothbar seems futile.  This should be ‘standard equipment’ on all (sub)compact tractor/loaders.

You can get the toothbar at Heavy Hitch Toothbar.  Be sure to use coupon code TTWT for a 5% discount on your entire purchase.  This discount applies to ALL heavy hitch products.



  1. Thanks – I ordered one. We’ll see. We have a “half-finished” pond that a contractor left in a mess. Our soil is hard, red clay. We’ll see if the 1025r and tooth bar can cut it enough to expand the pond some and clean up some area around it!

    • Hey tim, question for ya. I have both a 49 and 53 bucket. Your opinion whichone should I put the heavy hitch toothbar on

  2. Easy. Just unscrew the set-screws and slide it off. The worst potential part is getting your allen wrench (I use a socket attach version) into the set screw head…you have to clean the dirt out of the allen head.

    The only ‘trick’ to know is to apply oil to the set screws when you first get the unit. Take them all of the way out, apply oil, and screw them back in. Then, when you need to remove, they won’t be rusty.
    I oil them a bit each time I install it. I’ve not had any issues.

    This toothbar is amazing.

      • I did the wax in the set screws, too. Saw in in a post somewhere. It was PERFECT! A small (1/8″?) screw driver on a small multi tool I keep in my pocket pops the whole chunk out at once, but the dirt hasn’t dug it out at all.

        For install and removal, I use a 12v impact fiver with a hex bit. Makes either task a 1-2 minute job.

    • When I first installed my bar I applied anti seize grease to the bolt threads and after tightening them lit a candle a dripped candle wax in the Allen hole. Works great. Keeps the dirt and moisture out.

  3. I was thinking of building something like this, i don’t think i top this product. I think it will work well digging up the wild blackberries that we have in SW Washington.

  4. Thanks Tim for the recommendation. I have a ’17 2032R but they offer one for mine too. Enjoy the info/website… learning a lot here. Thanks for sharing. Hal.

  5. Tim, I looked all around and agree, this is the toothbar of choice on the market. The real teeth with split tooth design was a selling point for me. I like the mounting method too. Just ordered one with code TTWT. Thanks for the videos, I was looking for a 1025R and your videos made me want one more. The 425 is down the road and new 1025R is showing up next week. I code in Visual Studio, and dig about 2 hours East of you on I-70, Dayton OH area.

  6. After watching numerous of your videos, I have tried to access the Heavy Hitch website to place an order (and use your Promo code), but it appears to be down (for a few days now).
    Do you know what is going on with them?


    • Website should be up. There is a delay for toothars due to huge demand. That is all I know. Don’t hesitate to reach out to Heavy hitch via email for more info.

  7. I’ve been watching your videos and reading your articles for a while. I decided on a 1025R and love it! I just received my tooth bar, and i cannot express how well it works. I want to thank you so much for sharing all this information for the new tractor owners such as myself.

    • Thank You Curtis! You have no idea how much we value your encouraging words! Comments like this keep us going!

      Glad you like the Heavy Hitch Toothbar!

  8. I bought the heavy hitch tooth bar after seeing it in use on your Youtube vid. I have a Kubota BX1860 and was happy to see that Heavy Hitch made one for my bucket. I am pleased beyond words on how the toothbar transformed my tractor into a digging machine.Thanks Tim.

    • Thanks for your feedback.
      It really is amazing. I had no idea how much it would help until I got mine. I viewed it as a ‘unitasker’, thinking it would only help with digging. After using it, I see it as a multi-purpose tool. It transforms brush removal, hauling large items, etc.
      …and for digging, these little tractors don’t have enough umph to push the entire bucket width into hard soil. The toothbar seems to increase that power by 10x!
      What a bargain!

      Ok, maybe I’m a bit wound up this morning! 🙂

      Thanks again for your comment!

  9. Has anyone tried the Titan toothbar? It looks like you can even replace the teeth with the same double or single tooth design. There’s also a do it yourself kit that is a bit cheaper. We’re a bit strapped for cash and I have Hilton honors points I can use on Amazon?.

  10. Tim,

    Is there any chance you’ll be testing the piranha tooth bar against the heavy hitch tooth bar? I want a tooth bar, but I’m torn between these two options.

  11. Great add-on suggestion on this heavy hitch tool bar using TTWT code. I put one on my JD 3033R loader in early August and can’t believe the difference in performance when getting rock loaded or just planing the ground. Terry from Heavy Hitch sent me a couple of extra bolts next day as my package was damaged during transit. No doubt the engineering in the teeth makes this worthwhile

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