Tuesday, November 28, 2023

Garden Tilling

Are you in Hamilton County, Marion County, or southern Tipton County Indiana? Do you need your garden tilled? We have the perfect tool for the job, and we would love to help.

Quality Results

Our tractor attached rototiller does an impressive job of tilling.  If you have experienced only walk-behind tillers, you will be quite surprised at the results.

We till each garden plot at least twice.   Depending on the situation, we might give it a third pass.    Our goal is to leave your garden in perfect seedbed condition.    We have yet to have a customer disappointed with the results left by this tiller.

The tiller will till approximately 4-6″ in depth, leaving a ‘fluffy’ seedbed.

The following video provides some illustration of our work.

Why Till?

Soil compacts and harden during the long winter season and weeds can begin to grow. Tilling the soil will kill the weeds and loosen the soil creating pockets of space which allow air and water to penetrate the soil. Seeds and young tender plants need the air and water in order to germinate or grow. Tilling gives your garden the best possible chance at producing a bountiful crop of veggies.

When Is the Right Time to Till?

Often people are not sure when to till their garden. If soil is tilled to wet, when the soil dries, you’re left with hardened clods that are difficult to break apart. Vegetables do not grow well in this environment. If you wait until the soil is completely dry – well, you might never get the garden started since it’s often rainy in the spring.

Watch this video on how to tell if your garden is ready to be tilled.

Want to Till Sod?

If you have not previously had a garden, you may need to till up sod. This is best done with a PTO powered roto tiller on a tractor. The walk behind tillers you can rent are ok if you already have a designated garden space but will not till sod easily or completely.

Steps to create a garden from sod:

  • Mark off the exact area for the garden
  • Spray the area with Round Up to kill the grass and weeds
    • You will get grass in your garden if you don’t do this step
  • Wait at least 7 days – 14 days is best
  • Mow the area as low as possible with your lawn mower
  • Have Tractor Time with Tim till the area with our compact tractor

What to Expect?

We will arrive with our tractor and tiller on our trailer.  After a quick unload, we will discuss the details of the project with you.  We will be asking questions like:

  • Are there any hidden obstacles?
  • Have you called 811 to have utilities marked (if a new garden)?
  • Do you have any specific preferences on how the garden is tilled?

We have a small tractor that will not tear up your grass. It will not leave ruts in your yard.  In fact, we use this same tractor to mow our lawn.

If you have a gated yard, we need at least a 53″ opening (gate) in order to enter the area. It is your responsibility to measure the gate and assure us that we can get to the area you want tilled. We will not remove a gate – but you can remove your own gate if necessary.

We will complete multiple passes with the tiller in your garden area. This completely stirs up the soil leaving it loose and fluffy – a great bed for flowers and veggies.

Tim Marks
Tim Marks
Compact Tractor Lover. Rural Lifestyle Enthusiast. Tractor Time with Tim on YouTube. Married to Christy for over 31 years. We love showing tractors, attachments, maintenance, storage ideas, and our daily activities around our 10 acre property. We also do some contract tractor work, and significant amount of charity projects.


  1. I have the Woods 54” attachment on my JD 1025r and it’s the only way to do the job. I have a sizable garden and it’s just fun to till -unlike the days of walking behind and wearing myself out. It’s worth the investment if u enjoy having a garden.

    • Well, that would be a long trip. 317-689-8625. You can txt that number. (During reasonable hours). We are near Indianapolis, so would be a long drive.

  2. I’ve measured my gate in my back yard and it exceeds your min. Requirements. Needing my garden tilled please. I just left a message on your voicemail. 317-617-3380. I have RoboKill on my phone to get rid of spam etc. but have turned it off temporarily to get your call. Thanks! Diane Harvey

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