New Grease Gun Technology. …Finally!

Long time Tractor Time with Tim viewers should recognize my ongoing struggles with grease gun technology. In one instance, my grease gun ‘blew up’ on me while filming a greasing video, spilling grease all over me, my chair AND the floor. You can see that video here:

In the above video, you can likely detect that even though I got a new grease gun, I still wasn’t ‘thrilled’ with the results. Maybe this gun was better than the old one, but it still has the plunger, and the ability for grease to ‘seep’ around the seals and end up streaming out the bottom of the gun. I suppose I just accepted that this was as good as it gets. After all, grease gun technology has remained constant, at least here in the USA for my entire lifetime. The very first grease guns I used as a kid were essentially identical to the gun I purchased for the above video.

Recently, the makers of the Lube Shuttle grease system reached out to me, introducing me to a “new world” of grease technology. Finally, a grease gun with no plunger! No way to leak grease out the bottom end.

Tubes are threaded for easy attachment to the gun. If you use multiple types of grease, you can easily change tubes, even when a tube is partially used. Just put the cap back on the partially used tube and set it aside for later use.

How To Purchase

If you purchase directly from the Lube Shuttle store, you can enter coupon code TTWT to receive a 5% discount on your entire purchase. WooHoo!

There are several packages available. I would suggest considering one of the packages with a grease gun and 10 tubes of grease to start your collection.

Type of Grease

I find it difficult to know which type of grease is best for my situation. When I read the recommendations by each type of grease, they often sound just alike to me, so this becomes difficult. I asked the Lube Shuttle guys to help with this. After they attempted to explain to me repeatedly, I think I can summarize as follows:

  • G2 – Good general purpose grease. Probably the most applicable for equipment like mine
  • G200EP – Heavier grease than G2. Consider this a higher grade or premium grease.
  • MoS2 – Better yet, but likely not much benefit over the other two grades for typical small tractor usage

Overall, they suggested that our viewers select G2 or G200EP. If you have more questions on the applicability of the different grades of grease, I’ll have to refer you to Lube-Shuttle. This discussion quickly rose above my ability to comprehend. Of course that isn’t too difficult 🙂


There are a couple of accessories you might want to consider with your order. First, I find a locking coupler to be incredibly effective. Lube Shuttle offers what they call the “safeLOCK” coupler. I don’t have a lot of experience with it yet, but it seems to be effective. I find it a bit more difficult to lock on to the fitting than the competitor’s model, but I was told it would “loosen up a bit” after I used it some more.

If you already have the Lock-n-Lube coupler, there is an adapter necessary to connect it to the metric hose on the Lube-Shuttle Gun. I’m including a link here to that adapter to make it easier for you.

Another accessory, recommended by my brother Tom is an extra-long hose. Tom is a big fan of the 3 ft / 1 meter hose because it allows you plenty of flexibility with the location of the grease gun. Often there is not a lot of room for you, and the grease gun to be within arms length of the fitting. With the extended hose, you can get the grease gun out of the way.

Your Feedback

I’m interested in hearing your results with the Lube-Shuttle system in the comment section below. Have you tried it? Does it work for you? If not, what is holding you back?

If you haven’t seen it yet, be sure to take a few minutes to see the Lube Shuttle in action in this video:


  1. Are the tubes of grease proprietary only from Lube Shuttle? or do other manufacturers make the same type of “tube of grease” to work in this gun?

    • Currently, only a few companies in the USA package grease in these tubes. Apparently, this is the ‘standard’ packaging in Europe. So, for now, getting the grease from Lube Shuttle is the most practical way.
      They have several grades and types of grease, so you should be able to get everything you need.

  2. that needle seems longer than the one on your amazon page?

  3. okay…thanks

  4. Tim picked up both the locking grease tip and the grease needle, they work great, thanks. Also I watched one of your videos where the wife said hooking up Johnny’s loader hose was hard for her. I just ordered a new 1025R and had the dealer install BW16400 single point connector $769. If it works as people say, I’m gonna pick up another for my old 1025R that my son bought from me. I’ll let you know.

  5. Just ordered a G2 kit w3′ hose
    Already have a Lock-N-Lube

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